Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Off with the heads of all City types!"

I want to see hedge-fund managers tipped into cage fights with naked Gypsies; bank managers wrestle with lions in the O2 arena; failed regulators thrown to alligators in the Royal Docks; short sellers in pits of snakes; and distinguished City economists try their luck with sharks. They've had their heyday, their bonuses, their Porsches, their fine wines and oafish ostentation - they've had their fun. Now for ours.

To the guillotine!

Who wrote these stirring words in his newspaper column today?

Seumas Milne in The Guardian? Robert Griffiths in the Morning Star?

No. It was Matthew Parris in The Times.

That's right: Matthew Parris, the former Conservative MP and right-wing political commentator.

It shows you how far the pendulum has swung when we have conservatives like Parris calling for 'City types' to be marched off to the guillotine for the destruction they have caused to the world's economy.

The hatred and anger towards 'City types' felt by the public at large is only going to intensify in 2009. Yesterday, the Daily Mail- yes, The Daily Mail- reported on its front page how 'Goldmine (Fill Your) Sachs' was awarding its staff bonuses totalling £4.3bn - a large chunk of the £6.5bn it received from US taxpayers.

There's a revolutionary air in Britain, America and in Europe at present and if the socialist left cannot forge the alliances (including with decent 'old' conservative factions represented by the likes of Matthew Parris) that are necessary to sweep the corrupt, globalist regimes from power, then they'll only have themselves to blame.


Nick said...

Don't build your hopes too high, Neil. There's a big difference between waving the red flag (as many are happy to do from well behind the barricades) and reaching out to poke it firmly up the capitalist arse, which few are prepared to do lest they're forced out of their comfort zone. Nice thought though.

Anonymous said...

" ...if the socialist left cannot forge the alliances (including with decent 'old' conservative factions,,,"

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but the 'socialist left' can't even forge alliances amongst themselves. I needn't recount the details of all the fiascos, just list some recent ones: Socialist alliance, Respect, Scottish Socialist Party. But it's ok, there are ' discussions underway to organise a conference about getting underway a new campaign for a Marxist party'. Mind you, that might have hit the rocks by now. You've got to laugh.

The 'left', and I believe there still is such a thing in the UK, exists somewhere in the 4 million ex -trade unionists and ex-Labour voters, in the 2 million who marched against the war, in the majority who support the NHS - they haven't exactly been flocking to the 'socialist left', have they? In fact, they wouldn't touch the 'socialist left' with a barge pole, because this self-styled left amounts to a politically-correct witch hunt, attempting to enforce attitudes which are shared by next to no-one in the population: unlimited immigration, feminism ( a different matter from women's rights), the idea that the Protestants in Northern Ireland have no right to have their wishes taken into account, no national solutions to anything, and of course a complete lack of democracy in their organisations, to name a few. If MI5 isn't controlling the 'socialist left' to frighten people off from any organisation to the left of Labour, they might as well be.

The guillotine model is the correct strategy, but I think this could be supplemented with the leadership of a new Stalin who could identify the traditional 'socialist left' as being as much a part of 'the objective class enemy' as the bankers, and take 'appropriate measures' - which could be the best thing to happen to the UK working class in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Neil, if greedy bankers and other city-scum like Oliver Kamm are being rounded up and taken off to the guillotine, please count me in as one of the executioners!

Anonymous said...

As a resolute opponent of capital punishment, even for greedy bankers, I can only sympathise with Mathew Parris' sentiment.

As to resurrecting the left, it is only likely to happen if that implies greater freedom: more democratic accountability, not shifting it from greedy bankers to corrupt public officials or sychophantic card carriers; and, imaginative ways of ownership of the means of production/exchange not simply 'public ownership' (that was often only notional).

And definitely no Stalins...

neil craig said...

Personally I would rather forge an alliance to string up those politicians who prevented technological progress in this country, kill 24,000 pensioners by hypothermia annually & then hid the effects by creating a "boom" in house prices through printing money while preventing the building of houses. Also be happy to string up the war criminals & those dissecting Serb teenagers for their kidneys but since they are the same people I suppose we can only do it once.

Oh for the days when leftists believed in modern electricity not windmillery.

Anonymous said...

In poor taste considering the fate of Patrick McGee only 6 days ago. Speaking of which, has anyone learned anything further about his death?