Monday, December 01, 2008

The Best Ellery Queen episode ever...... being broadcast on BBC2 at 0.20 am tonight (ie Tuesday morning).

If you're in Britain or able to receive BBC2 don't miss it, you won't regret it, I can assure you.

The Adventure of Caesar's Last Sleep (not 'Caesar's Sheep' as it states on the BBC website!), is an ingenious locked room mystery involving the murder, in a New York hotel room, of a key informant in a mobster trial. Police guard the ante-room and the windows are locked. How was the informant murdered?

The solution will be a surprise to most viewers, but all the clues are there before your very eyes.

The best ever episode in the best ever mystery series. Enjoy!

PS Note to BBC2 chiefs:

Well done for re-showing Ellery Queen- for that alone I'm happy to pay my licence fee. But why on earth show these wonderful programmes at twenty past midnight on a Monday night?

Put them on in the evenings on BBC1 or BBC2 and you'd be amazed at the ratings you'd get.


Charlie Marks said...

If they feel it unsuitable to show a rerun of an old series on primetime BBC2, why not primetime BBC4?

Thanks for the tip, Neil. Will endeavour to tune in!

ematejoca said...

I want to be in Britain!
I want to see the Ellery Queen episode. I am so sorry not to see it!
Can you post just a little bit of it here?

Anonymous said...

Hey Neil! Could not agree with you more! glad to hear of another Ellery Queen fan; especialy the 1970's show; I was a huge fan when I was a kid in the US; now it's a bit of home from home here in late night UK!
Come join some fellow UK Lefty Yanks; over 300,000 of us! Check out our message board and sign in!

Wilber Webb

Neil Clark said...

charlie: good point, hope you enjoyed it.
ematejoca- i'll try my best!
wilber- great stuff, many thanks.

Charlie Marks said...

Was very good - and you were so right when you said:

"The solution will be a surprise to most viewers, but all the clues are there before your very eyes."

I didn't guess correctly as to whodunnit, alas.