Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hungary defies international law

Didn't think the Hungarian government of multi-millionaire Ferenc Gyurcsany (pictured above with pal George W. Bush) could stoop any lower? They just have.

We are told that Hungary "coordinated this step with the United States and the European Union". Oh, how wonderful after years of "co-ordinating" its foreign policy with the Soviet Union, that Hungary is a free and independent nation once again!


Nick said...

Oh excuse me Neil, but what nation in Europe is REALLY free and independent when it comes to political dick sucking (sorry, I mean diplomacy, I think)? Not Hungary certainly, or Croatia, or perhaps even the UK? Get real, what did you expect? Even if Hungary were ruled by a good socialist, do you think the same kind of thing wouldn't happen? Take a quick look through your history books!

Anonymous said...

Hungarians have always loooked out for what was MO$T advantageou$ for themselves. What do we expect from the folks who were with the 3rd Reich of WWII and now they support the 4th Reich.