Saturday, March 15, 2008

Denmania rules at Cheltenham

Well, the race didn't deliver the thrilling finish many had hoped for, but what a superb performance by Denman (above). Although he never gave up the chase, Kauto Star never appeared to be travelling as well as he normally does and his jumping was not as fluent as his stablemate's
One part of me is saying 'wow, how lucky we are, as racing fans to witness such a truly brilliant performance'. But another part of me is saying that after a succession of Gold Cups where the race has turned into a procession, wouldn't it be nice, if next year, we had a good old fashioned ding-dong battle up the run-in?

That however looks a forlorn hope, if Denman is in the line-up!


Anonymous said...

I attended the london protest there were over 50.000 of us heres some videos of the protest and talkers.

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks, Neil.