Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Outing of "David T"

Three cheers for 'Lenin' of Lenin's Tomb for managing to out one of the most obnoxious and hypocritical members of the blogosphere. "David T" used the forum of the website Harry's Place to attack in a most despicable way possible, anyone who challenged his pro-war, fascistic views. A close ally of the equally execrable and equally malicious Oliver Kamm, "David T" was a natural born bully, who delighted in trying to get people into trouble, or lose their jobs. Back in December, he wrote a disgraceful post directed against the then Guardian Comment editor Seumas Milne, a regular target. (Milne's great "crime" was running the odd article which "David T" disagreed with). "David T" and the website he runs also attacked me on numerous occasions, (most recently in August when Harry's Place urged its readers to write into the Guardian to get me sacked) and also my wife, after she wrote a piece on her childhood experiences of growing up in Hungary. Arguably David T's most disgusting effort (and there are plenty to chose from) was when he posted a highly defamatory comment about someone who had (foolishly it must be said) considered him his friend, the journalist Johann Hari. "David Ts" comment, which was removed after a threat of legal action by Hari, was clearly designed to jeopardise Hari's career. With "friends" like "David T", you certainly don't need enemies.

But while "David T" always talked tough, he was, like all bullies, a coward. While he was always happy to smear and attack those who at least had the guts to write under their own names, he himself operated under an alias, and did all he could to conceal his true identity. The reason he gave to The Guardian was that he did not want to " aggravate" his employer. But that didn't stop "David T" doing all he could to be people into trouble with their employers, as Lenin describes here.

Now, thanks to Lenin, we all know who "David T" is, and who his employer is. And where do you think this self-appointed spokesman of the "decent" left works? For a trade union? A law company that specialises in legal aid? A charity that helps the Third world?

No, David S. Toube, as "David T" is really called, works for the U.S. law firm Cleary, Gottlieb,Steen and Hamilton.

"The company, its website informs us, "is one of the leading international law firms, with 12 closely integrated offices located in major financial centers around the world. For more than 60 years, the firm has been preeminent in shaping the globalization of the legal profession. Our clients include multinational corporations and international financial institutions and sovereign governments and their agencies, as well as domestic corporations and financial institutions in the countries where our offices are located."

Wow, how left-wing can you get!!
Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton are also big on privatisation:
,having won the "Privatisation of the Year" award for Latin America in 2002.

"In Cleary Gottlieb’s innovative practice that crosses borders and boundaries, the firm structures and guides the privatization of state-owned enterprises. Our lawyers regularly advise sovereign governments and private sector bidders when state-owned enterprises change hands."

Of course, the fact that his company profits from privatisation has nothing to do with David T's hostility to governments, which instead of privatising, prefer to nationalise, like that of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

As for David S. Toube himself:

"David S.Toube is an associate based in the London office.
Mr. Toube’s practice focuses on United Kingdom and European regulatory securities law matters, anti-money laundering law and practice, and in particular the Financial Services Authority requirements to which regulated companies are subject. He advises in relation to a broad range of investment banking, fund management, corporate finance and other financial services sector matters. Mr. Toube is a co-author of “A Practitioner's Guide to the FSA Regulation of Investment Banking,” Sweet and Maxwell’s “The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, A practical legal guide” and is a contributor to Oxford University Press’ “Financial Markets and Exchanges Law.”

(I can see now why, in addition to their love of trying to destroy the careers of those who have the temerity to stand up to them, Mr Toube is such good pals with that other City "leftist" the hedge-fund trader Oliver Kamm.)

If you'd like to contact David S. Toube, perhaps for a bit of advice on "fund management", or the legal aspects concerning that $1m of shares in Citibank that you recently bought, his contact details can be found here. I'm sure he provides a very good, and reasonable service.

Or, if, like me, you'd simply like to tell him what a total and utter shit you think he is, his email is:

Do try and keep it as polite as possible.

UPDATE: Here's some more info on David S. Toube.
It seems that according to the Financial Times Style supplement of 30th October 2004, he's a bit of a peacock:

"David Toube, a city lawyer who wears "an unremarkable M &S number" to work yet transforms himself in the evenings with a wide selection of hand-finished creations, all sourced from the back street world of tailors, adds, "If you want fabulous and innovative clothes, the only option is to find a tailor. They are the only people around who really pander to the peacock in the man."

And, although he's quite keen on instigating email campaigns against those who he disagrees with, he doesn't much like being "mailbombed" himself.

The Exile has more on David S. Toube's hypocrisy here.


Organized Rage. said...

You could not make it up, the company some people on the left keep. It would be interesting to know more about some of the other people who post under an alias. True it is essential for some people to write under an alias, for obvious reasons, but one would have thought this guys employers would promote him for attacking progressive voices ;)

As the Chinese say Neil, if you sit on the river bank long enough, your enemies will come floating by.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised to find out that david t is an associate with a giant US law firm which specialises in privatisations? Because it's surely obvious now to everyone that the 'decent 'left' thing, just like the whole neo-con thing was just one gigantic con-trick: people who had vested interest in global capitalism doing all they could to feather their own nests under the guise of spreading 'human rights' and 'democracy'.

Martin said...


He's an "associate"?

Not even a partner?

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight - you're complaining about "criminal harassment" while at the same time blatantly inciting people to harass someone else?

And I thought I'd seen everything. Even on this blog.

Neil Clark said...

Mick: you really couldn't make it up- but it's true nonetheless!

anonymous- totally agreed.
martin-no,he's not a partner.

There is a world of difference between a campaign, lasting almost two years now- of smear and false allegations made about someone- and then links to those smears and false allegations being sent to a person's employer- and posted on public websites wherever the person's work appears- and my post on David S. Toube (let's use his real name shall we).
I'm not calling for anyone to harass Toube, I have merely provided his email details so that those people, like myself, who have been slandered by him have the opportunity of telling him what they think of him, if they so wish. And of course, under their own names. I'm not calling for people to write to his employer to try and get him sacked- which Toube's website Harry's Place did to me in August. (and they have done similar things to many other people too, just look at Lenin's post I linked too).Nor am I calling for pseudonymous comments to be posted on websites about David S. Toube.
Finally, I suggest you take a look at the old Oxford English and have a look at the verb to "harass".
"vex by repeated attacks; trouble worry.
"Repeated" is the key word. "Harass" is what Kamm, Stephen Pollard and David T, and their mysterious, pseudonymous allies have been doing to me. Their aim has been to try to get me into trouble with my employers, to discredit me as a journalist and to try to prevent me from earning a living.

Anonymous said...

David T is a truly nasty man but I won't be wasting my time emailing him. Whatever you say to people like him they just carry on being as repulsive as ever.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

How do I get to work for Cleary. Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton?
Sounds like a great wheeze, get paid enormous sums of money and then spend hours blogging. Is David Toube billing his clients for the time he's spending attacking Seumas Milne, the SWP and co?

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil

are you aware that 'Harry' of Harry's Place has been revealed as a former hard-line member of the CP called Simon Evans who now works for Reuters as a sports reporter in the USA.

The following was removed from Harry's Place by David T.

The ‘Harry’ of ‘Harrys Place’ is believed to a very similar person to Simon Evans who is a sports reporter for Reuters in the USA…ns- Harry+Steele

Like Harry, Evans is from Burnley and likes to quote Orwell inappropriately and repetitively.…041- post14.html sp…566453720070205

Harry developed a soft spot for Italian Fascists


Evans worked in Italy for seven years and wrote about Fini about the same time as the article above.…/137/ 2brvr.html

Of course it is possible they are different people, but when I posted a question about it there, it was removed by David T alleging it was libellous.

Do they think so little of their founder?

Anonymous said...

Well, I write anonymously for professional reasons. But then, someone with as nasty a record as Mr Toube has been riding for a fall for a long time...

I tend to agree with the first anon - between Toube and Kamm, the Decent Left just looks ropier and ropier.

Ken said...

If you are going to leave links, learn to write HTML. It makes them viewable...

Yes, I know who Harry really is, but I don't see any point in remarking on it because it lowers me to the level of the creatures who are giving Neil such grief.

Anonymous said...

And, although he's quite keen on instigating email campaigns against those who he disagrees with, he doesn't much like being "mailbombed" himself.

Actually, if you read Toube's post properly instead of skimming it for dirt, you'll see that he's complaining about the way a single individual's mailbombing managed to shut down the entire college e-mail system - which seems to me to be an entirely reasonable objection.

As it happens, I recall Mike Corley (the mailbomber Toube was complaining about) quite vividly from the mid-1990s - he was one of Usenet's more notoriously paranoid cranks, absolutely convinced that MI5 had rigged his television set up to spy on him 24/7, and used to spam countless newsgroups with these shocking revelations, regardless of whether or not the readers were the slightest bit interested.

As a result, he wasn't very popular (to put it mildly), though I did feel a slight sense of unease at the way people ganged up en masse to attack someone so clearly in need of some kind of medical assistance. And when set against that background, Toube's post is one of the more reasonable ones that I've encountered.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008
Harry Platzen - Sink or Swim!

Oi, these days our Sayanim are not doing as well as in the old days. You know about my Nephew Mony'le Gripstien and Wiki master Roland Tranc'le, who have managed to burn all bridges with the Palestinian Solidarity Movement. So now, thanks to those shelmazels, even the Marxists and the communists do not follow our Jewish call anymore.
But to my great disappointment even our smear operators are doing very badly. The other day when I was browsing the net to find some cheering anti-Muslim news I came across this headline in the Daily Tel Aviv (Daily Telegraph): "Non-Muslim father banned from London pool".

For two minutes, I was very happy, but then I realized that the innocent "non-Muslim father" was none other than my other nephew, the notorious slander master, David Toube from Harry Platzen (Schnel zi Harry). Dovid'le told the paper, "I arrived at the pool to discover that they were holding what staff described to me as 'Muslim men-only swimming'… I asked whether my son and I could go as we were both male. I was told that the session was for Muslims only and that we could not be admitted."

Oi Vey, I was about to cry to G_d in heaven, as if Mony and his tzures aren't enough, we have now lost another son of Israel, who insists on bathing with Goyim like Azmoned, Eoizen and Jesus. I was so shocked to read that our angel son, David Toube, who is monitored daily by Islamophobia Watch and anti-bigotry sites, now wants to swim with Muslims.
But then I realized that Dovid'le was just trying to get some media attention. I am used to it, Mony'le is exactly the same. It was so clever of Dovid'le not to mention to the press that just a few weeks earlier, he had been turned away from a seesion at that very same pool, which was was reserved for just Haredi Jewish women! It was such a shame, because this is when I was there, and I had nice gefilthe in a plastic box which he could have shared.

Oi-ever, I think it would be far more effective if Dovid'le stops trying to swim with Arabs, and rather keeps pretending to be libertarian Neocon, David T. As a writer for the Jewish Chronicle, I also think he'd be better off schlepping all the way to Haifa Bay, Tel Aviv or Ashkelon, and joining our brothers and sisters on the beach.

What do you reckon?

Auntie Shelomi remembers Dovid'le from his Bar Mitzvah and was inspired to pen a few lines as an ode to him and his swim to the top of the corporate ladder. She's entering the Niemuller poetry contest at Palestine Think Tank with this piece:

First they came for the men who tried to get into the swimming session restricted to children only,
And I didn’t speak up because I have children too.

Then they came for the men who tried to get into the swimming session restricted to women only,
And I didn’t speak out because I too have a wife, and a mother, and a sister.

Then they came for the men who tried to get into the swimming session restricted to Haredis,
And I didn’t speak up because Haredis are part of the Chosen People.

Then they came for the men who tried to gatecrash the swimming session restricted to Muslim males,
And I did speak up, in fact I screamed about it at the top of my voice
to the Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Telegraph.

I managed to whip up quite some anti-Muslim hysteria.
You see, I was angling for a promotion at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton.
United Against the Goyim!

Anonymous said...

Goodness me. This is a racist blog. I'm phoning the police to report auntie ziona.

Neil Clark said...

last anonymous: don't be a wally.
auntie ziona's post isn't racist; the site and the post is a spoof satirising the views of obsessive zionists-are you saying that obsessive zionists should be exempt from ridicule?

Rob Quirk said...

I lived in a Montefiore Hall flat with David Toube in the first year of his undergraduate degree course at Southampton University. He has always been opinionated. Last thing I heard somebody had punched him on the nose at the graduation ball. He seemed to play devil's advocate too much. I would say he was an intellectual bully too. although at that time he wasn't a peacock!

John Lennon said...

A demonstration of shameless behaviour from Cleary Gottlieb lawyer, David Toube.

It shows to what extent this bully would go and the state of his mind.

Ahmed Qerni said...

We had our own recent run-in with Mr. Toube. Read about it here: