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Monday, February 20, 2006

Liars Place

If you're in a hole, stop digging. That advice seems to have been lost on David T, a bone-headed blogger on the neo-conservative website Harry's Place'. Today, David T, in a frantic attempt todiscredit me for my having the temerity to challenge HP's pin-up boy Oliver Kamm- printed four lies about me on the site.

The first, was that a claim I made regarding Alija Izetbegovic came from an 'acknowledged Chetnik source'. It did not.
Second, that I am 'backing away' from claims I made about Izetbegovic. I am not.
Thirdly, that a quote I used to highlight Izetbegovic's radical Islamism had been made up. It had not.
Fourthly, that I am an 'A Level resits tutor'. I am not.

As we saw from Kosovo and Iraq, lying seems to comes very easy to neo-conservatives.


Ken said...

I saw the original posting and planned to comment on it. Then I thought "bollocks to it" and passed on to other things.

To be candid I have a soft spot for Dave T. The silly sod thought that he could humiliate me by outing me as a porn merchant. What the worthless wanker didn't realise was that all he did was give me free publicity and boost my sales. Alas, all good things have to come to and end and H.M. Customs put paid to my little international trade in hand-shandy vids...

He also outed himself, of course, as a punter - because the only way he could have known about my job was if he had been buying from me. I have often wondered what his bag is. Someone posted that he is a poof, but I didn't tend to specialise in poofs' porn, so God knows what turns him on.

Then we have this comment about you and the tutorial colleges, and I see a pattern here.

This cunt really believes that what people do for a living is relevant to what they write about. How silly can you get?

Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

It is silly, especially when the information is incorrect.
Regarding your continual criticism of this blog's comment moderation poliy- you are free to criticise as much you like- but it's still rather more democratic than certain other blogs I could name which allow no comments at all!
Of course, using the perverse logic which you employ- you will say that the moderation policy here makes this blog less democratic, than one which publishes no comments at all.....
While you're there, I still await a copy of your email to Oliver Kamm asking him the questions he has refused to answer.
When I receive that, then I -and other readers will start to take your comments a bit more seriously.

Ken said...

No, it is silly, and it doesn't matter whether a bloke is a hack or not. All that matters is that this fool thought that by mentioning what I did to make brass - and what he thought Neil Clark did - he could somehow denigrate what we had written.