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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wanted: A Nineteen Forties Party

I wrote last year of the need for a 'Nineteen Forties Party' which would endeavour to turn the clock back to the gentler times before Woy Jenkins and Baroness Thatcher had wreaked their social havoc. A time when there was genuine solidarity in Britain and words such as 'glassing' and 'mugging' and 'gang-rape' had yet to enter our vocabulary. We've got more than enough 'modernisers' in politics today, be they of the Notting Hill or Millbank variety- what we really want are 'anti-modernisers', who will reintroduce capital and corporal punishment, renationalise the railways and other public utilities and ban the sale of violent computer games and misanthrophic rap music. And most importantly of all, keep 'market forces' out of areas of our lives in which they have no business to be.
It seems that Richard Morrison of The Times is of similar mind.

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