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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Two deaths. Cuo Bono?

Who killed Pierre Gemayel and Alexander Litvinenko?

While we still don't know who was responsible, one thing is already clear - that neo-conservatives have been very quick to use both tragic events to their own advantage.

For the neo-conservatives, the greatest prize of all is to capture Russia's enormous mineral wealth and turn that potentially powerful rival into a vassal state. Through their strong links with the oligarchs, they came close to achieving their aim during the Yeltsin years. But to their consternation, Vladimir Putin has reasserted Russia's national independence and refused to play ball over a series of issues. For standing up for his country's interests, he has been subject to a tirade of abuse by the well-oiled neo-conservative propaganda machine.

Another important, long-standing, goal of the neo-conservatives is regime change in Syria.
President Assad's regime in Damascus has to go, not because of its poor human rights record (Saudi Arabia's is certainly no better, Turkmenistan's and Zimbabwe's certainly far worse), or because it supports Islamic fundamentalism-( it doesn't- and an al-qa'ida plot to blow up the US Embassy in Damascus earlier this year was thwarted by the Syrian authorities), but because of Syria's championing of the Palestinian cause.

We may never find out who was behind the deaths of Pierre Gemayel and Alexander Litvienko.

But we do know who has benefited most.

UPDATE: Martin Kelly, who has done such a terrific job writing about the Litvinenko case, has found that his main blog has been wiped. Martin's latest posts can be found here.


Martin said...


Contrary to what my outburst of paranoia might have suggested, the problem turned out to be one with 'Blogger' and the oriinal has been restored.

My apologies to both you and your readers.

Jim said...

Good job on this, Neil. You are on target.

Here is a little more background on the attacks on Putin.

Neocons Declare War on Russia

Why Putin is Under Attack

And I'm sure you have seen this piece in the Guardian which shows nothing has changed in the last couple of years.

These people are like broken records which keep jumping the needle and repeating the same song, over and over.

Warm regards.