Friday, December 16, 2005

They're Still Not Happy

They really are quite insatiable. Not content to have hijacked our two main parties- pro-war neo-liberals now want the Liberal Democrats to fall into line. The neo-conservative induced smearing of Charles Kennedy has nothing to do with Kennedy's perceived failings- but the fact that Kennedy stood at the last election on a programme of opposition to the Iraq war, renationalisation of the railways and higher taxes for the wealthy. The pro-war neo-liberals can never forgive him for that- and now want 'regime change' within the Liberal Democrats too. Stephen Pollard in particular seems to be obsessed with the removal of Kennedy- see his piece in yesterday's Daily Mail and in today's Times. Pro-war neo-liberals like Pollard purport to be great believers in 'democracy'- but what they really want is our three main political parties to be saying the same thing on the economy and foreign policy. What kind of democracy is that?

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