Sunday, February 21, 2016

Russian military is rubbish! No hang on, it's actually pretty good

My new column for OpEdge

Repeat after me: “The Russian military is much weaker than many think, with lots of outdated, dilapidated commie era equipment.” And: “The Russian military is a major threat to us so we need to spend more on our military and renew Trident.”
If these sentences sound contradictory, that’s because they are. My RT OpEdge colleague Bryan Macdonald has coined the phrase ‘Russophrenia’ to describe the condition “where the sufferer believes Russia is both about to collapse, and take over the world.”....

You can read the whole article here:


Unknown said...

Interesting Obama talking about the second best army!!! Was he referring to his own? Or as I suspect an arrogant statement?? Seems clear to me whilst the west blow warm air (and fund these rebels via back channels) Russia are dedicated to getting the job done mind just as well as our history of late on intervention brings to mind the saying about **** up in a brewery!! Wasn't a certain Adolf Hitler that once displayed the same arrogance towards Russia? Well we know the outcome of that! This Russiaphobia is also used as a scaremongering tool for us to remain in the EU!!!! I can't help but think our Russian friends find us quite comical!! I enjoyed the piece on the bungalow also as I've thought for a while about these new build developments and how concentrated they are and the astronomical prices charged for them!it's most definitely a case of too much profit over quality of life and the social ramifications direct and indirectly due to people mortgaged up to the hilt and that's with relatively low interest so God knows when that rises!! I know I may of wandered slightly of the main topic of bungalows but I think there is a relevance and it's as if we haven't really learned from the Ill fated developments of the 60s and 70s(wasn't it jimmy reid who remarked on the irony of us living on top of each other stacked rather aptly like filing cabinets?) my nanna loved her prefab bungalow by the way she never stopped talking about it!! Once again great observations Neil Clark and forgive my slight digression sir!!

Neil Clark said...

Hi Del, Great to hear from you- many thanks!
Yes, current wave of Russophobia is being used as a scaremongering tool on EU issue and on Trident renewal too. I'm pleased you enjoyed the bungalow piece too. We're in this crazy position that the homes that people want- are the ones not being built! And they call it a 'market economy'! As you say, a case of too much profit over quality of life. The proposed Sunday trading 'reform' - apparently backed by 200 Tory MPs is another example.