Friday, September 11, 2015

I'm Confused, can anyone help me? Part 5

Hot off the press, the latest piece in my I'm Confused series for OpeEdge

I’m confused about quite a lot of things going on in the world. The West is supposed to be fighting ISIS, yet seems keener on toppling a government which is fighting ISIS. A refugee crisis caused by Western interventions is being used as a pretext for more Western wars. Elite media commentators keen to stress their humanitarianism, cry ‘something must be done’ about Syria, yet appear not to notice the on-going humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.
There are violent anti-government protests again in Ukraine, but the reaction from the US is very different to when there were violent anti-government protests in Ukraine eighteen months ago. What on earth is going on? Perhaps you can help me sort out my confusion…

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

I'm confused how the above article isn't given a bigger platform for a start! And what's more confusing is the amount of clarity in your confusion! These points strangely enough are the exact same points we've discussed in the local bar and to a man we all wondered why the refugee child gets the full sympathetic ear of the nation whilst a Palestinian child does not? And may I add is it the refugees I'm watching are nicely dressed and looking resplendent in the latest sportswear alighting the boat??? I once went on a boat trip to the farne islands and ended up black as a crow! These people are spotless for crying out's a good job Assad is a trained optometrist and can see the the clearest and diagnose what's wrong with the west's eyesight! I'm sorry but your above confusion couldn't be any clearer...I just can't help think there's a larger agenda here and maybe Gerald Celente nails it when he says.."when all else fails they take you to war " as a parting note I see Israel refuses to take any refugees.....surprise surprise

Neil Clark said...

Thanks del- very much appreciated.

lun said...

I noticed you didnt say anything about Orban's government response to the refugee crisis.
Any confusion there?