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Saturday, June 13, 2015

‘Political agenda to have World Cup taken away from Russia’

The latest interview with me on RT.

EU legislators have adopted a resolution that calls for FIFA President Sepp Blatter to step down immediately, a move that journalist Neil Clark calls political posturing and lacking any sort of democratic due process.

You can read the whole interview here:


Unknown said...

There can be no question that Russia is being unfairly dealt with regards the world cup and the very fact America involved itself sounded the alarm bells amongst the more discerning of us however I think Fifa needs a great shake up or "a kick up the Arse" as it's now out of hand regarding the money involved and how it's spread or as the case maybe not spread! It prompted me to re visit John pilger excellent piece on the south African world cup as it says it all really! But! This isn't the issue is it?! This is about geo political posturing against Russia and America wants to play downhill with the wind! Excellent observations again Neil a nutshell

Valeria said...

The operation against FIFA is a major campaign within the implementation of "global full spectrum control" by the USA: The U.S. SOFT POWER (trash music, fads, Hollywood) has already invaded and programmed the psyche of the majority of the young around the world and made them benign towards everything "American". But soccer is "Un-american and subversive" according to the American"conservative" commentator TUCKER CARLSON. A major portion of soccer fans in the USA are from Latin American or are immigrants from Europe, Africa or the Near East. In the "American heartland" the young still are adhering to BASEBALL which is the secret secular patriotic cult of the USA, with quasi religious elements - the flag and God. See the youtube: TRAILER FIELD OF DREAMS. The International Olympic Committee has rejected BASEBALL as sport for the 2016 Olympic Games. Thus far in sports only "baseball" is an instrument for U.S. "soft power" and the campaign of the U.S. is to squash "soccer" as the leading worldwide sport. The move against FIFA (a corrupt coven) serves also to advance the U.S. campaign to establish worldwide U.S. jurisdiction.