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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crown and out? European monarchies change faces to fight for relevance

My new piece over at OpEdge on the future of Europe's monarchies.

The news that King Juan Carlos of Spain is to abdicate brings the subject of Europe’s hereditary monarchies and their survival in the 21st century once more into debate.

You can read the whole piece here.


suzannedk said...

Your UK comment on the royalties misses the generations of US propaganda that royalty is irrelevant but is based squarely on that US assumption. Dig deeper, do.

suzannedk said...

Your article of the Royal fight to remain relevant is based on the US belief they are irrelevant. In fact the push to rid the world and even the world history books of them as nothing but distractions to human needs and realties comes straight from the Yankees alone. A people who proudly base their own identities on their own possibilities rendering them the world's orphans. The raging world war empire of the US is merely the full grown need for an identity turned into creating their own, creating their own out of slain billions. Stolen archives. Eviserated human possibilities. Humans cannot exist without real histories. Dig deeper please.