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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let’s disappoint those hungry for military interventions in 2014 too

My new piece for OpEdge.

2013 was not a good year for the pro-war lobby in the West, but in America, those in favor of military interventions are looking to make it easier for the president to formally declare war.

You can read the whole piece here.


brian said...

Here’s 3 years of news reports (600 Videos in 3 playlists) as evidence that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, the UK, the USA, and others are responsible for the terror invasion of Syria…and still are the main obstacles to peace in the Middle East (Click on links to view not the picture)
News on Syria (2011 – 2012)
News on Syria (2012 – 2013 Aug)
News on Syria (2013 – 2014 Jan)

Anonymous said...

Dear mister Clark, could you so kind and see this post. Its a Ukranian police.
Maybe after this normal news, you will change your mind.
Best regards from Ukraine

brian said...

syria stuff: in the midst of the farce of geneva2;

trojan horse diplomacy? a comment from president Assad on Geneva 2:

For Those Who Thought He Was an objective observe: SNC consults Moses Brown (aka elliot Higgins) Syricide @ Syricide 16h
This is amazing. The # Syria -n Coalition are consulting Actually westerners on # SocialMedia 4 suggestions on Geneva2!

Charles Shoebridge @ ShoebridgeC January 21
Timing of # Qatar Funded # Syria report shows purpose to effect # Geneva2 talks. Since When Did Qatar care about human rights or democracy?

Charles Shoebridge
@ ShoebridgeC
Listen (at 9.40) to eminent author of # Qatar Funded # Syria report abuse. Q.Could pictures be faked? A. No. Well, maybe. ...

brian said...

#‎ISIS‬ ‪#‎terrorists‬ kidnap, killed 120 journalists in 3yrs in ‪#‎Syria‬.

The Truth About Syria and its Government: An Interview with Jasmine Saadat & Dr Tim Anderson

Neil Clark said...

Thanks for those Brian

Neil Clark said...

@anonymous 11.59am- thanks for those too.

brian said...

Pepe Escobar


This is a shortened version of a video aired by al-Arabiya - which is OWNED by the House of Saud. The original, longer video has been deleted.

Oops! al-Arabiya was "careless" enough to air an itvw with a captured Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) jihadi in Syria.

Question: “Why do you (ISIS) monitor the movements of the Free Syrian Army?”

Jihadi: “I don’t exactly know why, but we received orders from ISIS Command”

Question: “Who among the command at ISIS gave you these orders?”

Jihadi: “Prince Abdulrahman al-Faisal, who is also known as Abu Faisal”

Prince Abdulrahman al-Faisal is none other than the former commander of the Saudi air force.

This explodes once and for all the now much-peddled Western myth of "good" and "bad" al-Qaeda. The jihadi gang as a whole is DIRECTLY commanded by the House of Saud, and we're not talking only about Bandar Bush's goons.