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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mother Agnes and the 'liberal' hawks out to silence her

My new column for RT OpEdge on how a 61-year-old nun has become Public Enemy Number One for the serial warmongers.
Just when you thought the ‘liberal interventionists’ and neo-cons couldn’t stoop any lower, they just have. 
The ‘pro-free speech’ but actually very anti-free speech bullies have got a new target. A 61-year old nun called Mother Agnes-Mariam who has been living in Syria for twenty years and who runs a campaign called Mussahala (Reconciliation). 
For  the West‘s ‘liberal hawks’ and serial interventionists, this elderly lady, who is working tirelessly for peace and an end to the bloodshed in Syria, has become Public Enemy Number One. 
Mother Agnes has been subject to a vicious internet campaign of character assassination, smears and defamation. We’ve been told that she is an ‘Assad apologist,’ ‘Assad‘s favourite nun’- she has even been called ‘the Syrian equivalent of one of Hitler’s brown priests’.  
When the 'liberal' hawks and serial warmongers saw that Mother Agnes had been invited to speak at the forthcoming international conference of Stop the War, they had a collective hissy fit. 
You can read the whole piece here.


Anonymous said...

Don't know your moderation policy, so I won't spend too much time on this.
1. Your assumption that the opponents of "Agnes-Mariam are liberal hawks" has no foundation,,and shows the cavalier attitude you have to facts (don't bother checking, just assume)
2. You seem to have no knowledge of Agnes-Mariam and again cavalierly dismiss those who do. You claim to be on the left - are you not then troubled by Agnes-Mariam's long association with the European and American far right?
3. There is not issue of "free speech" here - Agnes-Mariam has access to a huge range of outlets - not least your favoured channel of RT.The question is, it is not appropriate for the defender of a brutal war monger to be speaking from the platform of an anti-war conference.I repeat -Anti-War.
4. I notice you - like Agnes-Mariam- spend a lot of time talking about the abuses perpetrated by sections of the rebel forces (a valid point)but make no acknowledgment of the far greater volume of violence and killings attributable to the regime. Why the double standard?

Unknown said...

We don't get born, according to the ancient teachings of such as, the Tao, until 50.

Why? Because wisdom requires years of understanding.

That's the real kicker, to get understanding.

Are we in the verve of that? When we say 61, for example, is not other than a count which most consider according to the propaganda brainwashing 'elderly'?

Picasso said when he danced all night long on his on 90 something birthday: "It takes a long time to grow young".

I admire the Sister for keeping her faith. She isn't but, a channel to bring the verve of wisdom into that damned place.

Lose the monarch brand. That's the United Kingdom's problem and the British Accredited Registry, B.A.R., in America this cult pays the Queen so the Vatican can keep all of the U$ so called 'wealth'.

We've lots of solving of problems and the UK so called stop war people are forgetting the rot at the tap root is the monarch that is forever Queen Pirate.

Stop her war against wisdom, Queen Pirate and this would be great. She is old, really truly elderly old and not a spark of wisdom.

Good for you supporting Sister Syria true Peace. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your timely calling out of the gatekeepers of the so-called 'left' who disgracefully prevented Mother Agnes-Mariam from speaking the truth at the Stop the War event.

The danger these people pose to people's lives, should not be underestimated. I am reminded of the suspicious behaviour of 'independent' NGO's like Amnesty International in justifying NATO's bombing of Libya. By spreading false claims of atrocities by President Gadaffi's forces, they justified the killing of over 30,000 Libyans and the chaos that followed.

The 'humanitarian/R2P' narrative they superimpose on western neo-colonialism is designed to keep people fooled about the real authors of this carnage in the ME. But as you've pointed out, by their actions, Jones and Scahill betray where their real loyalties lie.

There is enough documentation out there showing that the 'Arab Spring' originated in western and Israeli think-tanks fueled by petro-dollars not spontaneously on the streets as the MSM and pseudo-left claim.

The 'left's' demonisation of President Assad, the legitmate head of a sovereign nation, ignores a history of subversion commissioned by the west on behalf of Israel and business interests in the ME.

They would like us to ignore the role of unidentified snipers at demonstrations who shot at protestors as well as the police.

Similarly no mention is made of Assad's reforms, concessions and dismissals of corrupt officials – hardly the actions of a 'dictator'. If mentioning that makes me an apologist for Assad, then I take it as a compliment because supporting secular-loving Syrians against barbaric, takfiri pseudo-Muslims is an honour.

Isn't it high time that we booted out the traitors and shills from these platforms, not someone like the courageous Mother Agnes?

brian said...

making waves
Mother Agnes stirs up controversy across the US and UK
Posted on November 22, 2013 by fatherdave
Our dear Mother Agnes has been the subject of constant controversy over the course of her North American tour, and her opponents have been doing their best to scuttle her British speaking engagements before they even take place!

The accusations have been flying thick and fast:

that Mother Agnes is an Assad apologist
that she keeps the money entrusted to her for welfare work
that she is involved in cover-ups and lies
It’s even been suggested that she meets regularly one of Assad’s Generals!
Of course the accusations never have any evidence to back them up and some of the statements attributed to her are entirely fanciful. Even so, some of the mud always sticks and this has resulted in Mother having to withdraw from the ‘Stop the War’ conference in London, scheduled to begin on November 30.

A handful of journalists have put the pieces together – citing the vested interests that are threatened every time the dominant narrative is questioned. Even so, it is disillusioning to see high-profile leftists like Jeremy Scahill and Owen Jones joining the anti-Agnes chorus for reasons that appear to be economic rather than ideological.

I am thankful that journalists like Jonathon Cook and Neil Clark have helped untangle the Mother Agnes controversy.

Anonymous said...

Keep making these points Neil, it's important that Mother Agnes and President Assad are defended.

brian said...

Anonymous tries a new tactic: demonise Mother Agnes and so aid the islamic terrorist insurgency.

anyone can gain knowledge of Mother Agnes by going on line, where her position is plain: she doesnt support war, seeks peace and reconciliaton, opposes the genocidal terrorists, has criticsed the govt, and unlike the gutless anon person, never hides behind anonymity

brian said...

'3. There is not issue of "free speech" here - Agnes-Mariam has access to a huge range of outlets - not least your favoured channel of RT.The question is, it is not appropriate for the defender of a brutal war monger to be speaking from the platform of an anti-war conference.I repeat -Anti-War.'

cast your mind back to sign of the president waging war on syrian people...nor in 2009 nor 2008 etc...2011 brings in mysterious snipers, and thats when this war begins

Neil Clark said...

'anyone can gain knowledge of Mother Agnes by going on line, where her position is plain: she doesnt support war, seeks peace and reconciliaton, opposes the genocidal terrorists, has criticsed the govt'

well said, Brian. All MAM's enemies are produced are smears. Alas, Owen Jones and Scahill fell for the smears.

Anonymous said...

It might be worth the time to look back at the Spanish Civil War and question some of the "facts" we so readily accept today. I suspect if we review history with what we know today the present won't seem so new.

brian said...

elliot higgins Aka brown moses supposes...attacks Mother Agnes:

who is Laura wells?
Laura Wells
Freelance reporter who's worked for CNBC,CNBC World,ReutersTV,Ebru TV,& 6 News;contributed to Foreign Policy Mag. & CBS,
(so Higgins is leading a freelance reporter astray,uses him as her primary source o mother agnes?

Brown Moses
@wellsla are you aware of Mother Agnes' reputation?

Laura Wells @wellsla 17 Sep
@Brown_Moses Need to read more. Studying the photos/video is interesting,but really not sure. What do you think of her?

Brown Moses @Brown_Moses 17 Sep
@wellsla she's a big Assad supporter and makes lots of grand, unverifiable claims about how awful the rebels are
[Higgins is saying the 'rebels' arent nearly as bad as we are told....weapns may be his area of expertise but people he either is clueless about or more likely is lying...even US has alnusra as a terrorist group]

Brown Moses @Brown_Moses 17 Sep
@wellsla she lacks any sort of credibility outside of Russia Today and Press.TV
[he really should stick to his weapons: shed has far more credibility than he can dredge up]

Laura Wells @wellsla 17 Sep
@Brown_Moses Gotcha, thank you. I try to read between the lines of everything I read. Was more interested in the photo/video comparisons.
[Laura has problems understanding if she reads 'between the lines' and comes up with Mother Agnes bad, 'rebels' good]

Laura Wells @wellsla 17 Sep
@Brown_Moses I see,thank you for your insight. I read/watch things from both sides. Had already gathered it was partisan,but...still,I look.

is Brown Moses just deluded or working an agenda?

brian said...

BREAKING: guess who is now on twitter : Mother Agnes Mariam
Mother Agnes Mariam+ @MotherAgnesMari 27 Nov
I thank H.E. Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko for his kind invitation. Hope that my visit to USA will be fruitful for RECONCILIATION and PEACE