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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The sad decay of NHS dentistry

This new piece of mine appears in The Sunday Express.

IT STARTED with a chicken drumstick. I was chewing away quite happily on a bone dipped in delicious barbecue sauce when, oh dear, my upper right tooth cracked and bits started coming out.
It wasn’t in the best of shape beforehand but it was the bone that delivered the killer blow. A sharp piece of tooth remained, digging into the inside of my cheek. It was all very painful, even after taking paracetamol. So what to do?

You can read the whole piece here.


ben said...

Dear Mr Clarke

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This short video gives an overview of all the apps features

Brush DJ has recently become the first oral health app to have been approved by the NHS in England .

The second in a series of videos showing how to carry out basic oral health tasks has recently been uploaded to YouTube .
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Dentist/App Developer

Anna Van Z said...

I haven't seen a dentist in years, (although I could really use one) because I can't afford to. Same with medical care, although I have a couple of significant medical issues. Now that I'm unemployed, the chances of getting care are even more remote.

But the neo-con loonies here in the states rage against any government-assisted health care as "socialism" (eek!) Apparently all our taxes are supposed to be reserved solely for tax breaks for the rich, huge corporations, and of course their favorite, endless war-making the world over.