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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Syria: 'Rebels' try to bomb their way to power by killing innocent civilians'

Another day of terrorist attacks in Syria. But hey, we're not supposed to call them that are we? Even when they are clearly, by any objective assessment, terrorist attacks that would be condemned within minutes by western leaders if they took place in Tel Aviv or Riyadh or in any other country that was considered a western 'ally'.
New interview with me on RT on the latest situation and why William Hague and co have got blood on their hands.


ICTY Watch said...

I thought I would post the following from a recent Institute for the Study of War report:

"The regime has also depopulated rebel-held areas through
air power by targeting bakeries, reducing the opposition’s
ability to provide basic services for populations under
rebel control. The regime has even used cluster bombs
and targeted bakeries when long bread lines have formed,
ensuring high numbers of civilian casualties. According to
McClatchy, two Syrian opposition groups have counted over
100 airstrikes on bakeries, and McClatchy was able to verify
independently 80 of the attacks. Furthermore, the story
notes, the attacks could not have been inadvertent because
at least 14 of the bakeries were targeted repeatedly."

jack said...

Funny to hear that mainstream media reports that US is considering supply arms to the "rebels" as if they haven't been doing that already from the very beginning trafficking arms and fighters from Libya and training them in NATO bases in Turkey, KLA terrorist training and running surplus arms from Croatia to Syria.

Exclusive Interviews of Foreign Terrorists on the Death of their Chechen Commander in Syria.

As I maintained for years all of these terrorist attacks since the 90's including 9/11 are offshoot of terrorist groups we have been supporting and trafficking in the Balkans and the North Caucasus.

Interesting thing about the Boston bombing only covered in the alternative media is there prominent CIA connections specially the uncle who was married to Graham Fullers daughter a big CIA operative in Eurasia who was running a pro-Chechen organisation from his house and had connection to the Jihadist front NGO the Benevolence Foundation.

Cailean Bochanan said...

Thanks for great article!- have reposted on my blog:

Cailean Bochanan said...

Thanks for great article1 have reposted on my blog

Neil Clark said...

Cheers, thanks very much! Have just posted it up here as well.