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Friday, August 26, 2011

On NATO’s bogus ‘humanitarian’ intervention in Libya

Above you can watch an interview with me on Russia Today on the lies surrounding NATO’s bogus 'humanitarian’ intervention in Libya and the economic motives which lie behind it.
More here

UPDATE:  In similar vein, here's Peter Hitchens in today's Mail on Sunday.

The official pretext, that we are ‘intervening to protect civilians’, is lying hogwash and should be laughed at every time it is used.  In the past few days – according to reliable reports – Libya’s rebels have been guilty of indiscriminate shooting into civilian areas and the brutal and arbitrary arrests of suspected opponents.

You can read the whole of the piece here.


jock mctrousers said...

Great stuff, Neil. The blatant dishonesty of mainstream journalists has reached new heights; and, unsurprisingly, what passes for a 'left', from 'the Nation' and NewLab supposed 'social democrats' through to the 'revolutionary' Trots, have all been lining up to demand the head of 'the monster Ghadaffi', who is 'undoubtedly guilty of terrible crimes' which are somehow never specified.

Russia Today may represent just another bunch of gangster assholes, but at least they're not OUR assholes. They seem to delight in embarrassing the USA by giving an airing to all the voices that are excluded by the West's media. That's something.

jack said...

This is very interesting on the Real News Network in an interview Senator Dennis Kucinich he asserts that prior to NATO intervention Britain and France conducted a military exercise called Southern Storm in November of 2010 that bears the hallmarks of our intervention in Libya.

brian said...

My letter to Australian Greens deputy leader Christine Milne on Green Support for the NATO war on Libya

also Banki Mooin must have set a record: the only man to destroy a country AND the UN in his 2nd term of office.
Why do no workers in the UN take action against the outrage of UNSC enabling a war machine to bomb Libya to oblivion? have they no guts or humanity?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Jock- great to hear from you and many thanks.

After the lies told prior to the military assaults on Yugoslavia and Iraq, it beggars belief that anyone on the 'left' can fall for the 'humanitarian intervention' claptrap and believe that NATO is a benign pro-democracy force whose leaders are passionately committed to human rights.
You've got paleo-conservative commentators like Peter Hitchens who talk far more sense on foreign policy than many self-described 'progressives'.

jack and brian- thanks for the links. brian: good point about the UN.
UN Secretary Gen now calls for the violence to end- why wasn't he doing the same over the past few months? NATO has helped bring about a humanitarian catastrophe in Libya by egging on a civil war, in much the same way it caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Yugoslavia in 1999.

brian said...

About time...but whats this about 'NATO protected Tripoli! Seamus has to be kidding! Notice the tweets avoid saying whose doing the lynching

georgegalloway Alex Thomson of C4 News saved the lives of Nigerian workers on the news tonight. If cameras hadn't been there the men would've been lynched.
about 2 hours ago

SeumasMilne Lynchings of black Africans in Nato-protected Tripoli - part of a pattern over several months
1 day ago

Retweeted by georgegalloway

SeumasMilne Most UK media ignores ongoing atrocities against black African prisoners and workers in Libya, wonder why that might be
about 6 hours ago

Retweeted by georgegalloway

georgegalloway NATO must know black men are being lynched in Libya on THEIR watch!
about 5 hours ago

georgegalloway South Africa must step in to stop the lynching of black men in Libya. Madiba speak out please!
about 5 hours ago

georgegalloway Black men are being lynched in Libya. WTF are the African Union?! #fb
about 5 hours ago

brian said...

Speaking of Yugoslavia....the irony hits the fan with Kosovos KLA recognising TNC! they need this like a blot on their rwesume!

The KLA, designated a terror organisation while being aided by US and NATO, bac in the 1990s, now decides that the TNC is OK!
This is how it is: you blow up things and you get NATO US and KLA support!

Since KLA is into organ trafficking,
as determined by an EC commission and TNC is backed by human traffickers:

they should have a beneficial mutual working relation!

brian said...

Independent journalists Meyssan and his french contingent (no word on Canadaian Mahdi) and Lizzie Phelan are reported to be on way to Malta.

Bodhibrian wrote: "Sukant Chandan LIZZIE HAS LEFT TRIPOLI, LIBYA: I can confirm that Lizzie has left Tripoli, and will be arriving by boat tomorrow AM in Malta. She says "I am very sad to leave Tripoli". Thanks to all who have shown support."

brian said...

even Benghazi is sick of the rats.
but they are seeing a future libya under rat/NATO control. NATO will have to set up bases to subdue the locals to keep them from overturing the counterrevolution with a counter-counter reviolution:

18h/ Caller from Benghazi says that these rats brought shame to Libya, that the conditions in Benghazi are very bad, no gas, no food, and no water and that Benghazi is ending, and then goes on to thank Muammar al Gaddafi, Saif, and Dr, Shakir, Saadi, these mercernaries brought Libya shame. He wants Saif and Muammar Gaddafi to speak and encourage us more and in the coming days we will blow up Benghazi under these rats.

Douglas said...

I recall being angry at President Clinton over the war in Yugoslavia, for using NATO for something it wasn't meant to be used for.

Governments often have "slush funds," accounts with ill-defined purposes that get used for all sorts of interesting things. I haven't heard anyone use this term, but I grasp that NATO is a "slush military," a military with an ill-defined purpose that gets used for things it wasn't initially meant to be used for.

President Obama has said something to the effect of "Well, it's NATO's war, it's not really my war." I don't buy it. Not after telling you how much money the US has borrowed to fund it. I don't have a snappy comeback to the claim that NATO has come down with a case of mission creep.

Do you consider President Obama a war criminal? If so, why? If not, why not?

brian said...

Whenever a 'democratic' regime works in secret you can be sure they are up to no good:

'Nine months after that meeting, in August 2010, US-president Barack Obama signed his secret „Presidential Study Directive 11„, in which he ordered all US government agencies to prepare for a wave of regime changes in the Middle East and Northern Africa. What is known in the public about this Presidential Study Directive 11 is proof that Barack Obama is either a master of witchcraft or it was him himself, who secretly orchestrated what is known as „arab spring" – calling it leading from behind. And as it happens, many of those people, mainly bloggers, whom Razan Ghazzawi met back in 2009 in Beirut, became well known for their role in these US-led from behind regime change operations. '

brian said...

The War on Terror is a Fraud

'In the 80's when the CIA was fueling Afghanistan's decade-long war with the Soviet Union, in part provoked by US meddling in the region years before the invasion even took place, the Mujaheddin were portrayed as heroes and freedom fighters quite publicly. No better example can be cited of how this image was nurtured by the West's massive propaganda machine than Hollywood's Rambo III, an entire movie literally dedicated to the "gallant people of Afghanistan." Many of those that fought in Afghanistan, particularly foreign fighters armed, trained, and brought in by the CIA, would go on to become some of the world's most notorious terrorist groups, many of which are listed to this day on the US and UK foreign terrorist organization lists.

At one point, Qaddafi had almost entirely extinguished the movement, in particular LIFG, most of whose leadership fled, and ironically sought refuge in London, Langley, and Washington. Qaddafi would attempt to re-approach the West by abandoning his WMD programs and inviting Western intelligence agencies in to help counter the remnants of LIFG and other regional terror organizations. The CIA and MI6 instead, rearmed, reorganized, and redirected these terrorist organizations back at the Qaddafi regime culminating in the February 17, 2011 "Day of Rage" and the subsequent NATO intervention. Indeed, the US, UK, France, Qatar, and other NATO member states are overtly deposing Qaddafi in favor for a regime made up of hardcore terrorists.

In other words, a terrorist organization on its death bed, was intentionally brought back to life by NATO. …..

brian said...

This never happened under Gadafis enlightened guidance, but it IS happening with the aid of Omama, Sarcozy, Clinton, Cameron, Foggy Rasmussen, Okampo, Banki Moon and a host of lesser evils.
Tawargha – the final solution
Posted on September 14, 2011 by HR

The final chapter is now being written for Tawargha, as reported by Sam Dagher of the Wall Street Journal
Mahmoud Jibril, the NTC prime minister, rubber-stamped the wiping of the town off the map at the Misrata town hall:
“Regarding Tawergha, my own viewpoint is that nobody has the right to interfere in this matter except the people of Misrata.”
“This matter can’t be tackled through theories and textbook examples of national reconciliation like those in South Africa, Ireland and Eastern Europe,” he added as the crowd cheered with chants of “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is greatest.”
The WSJ goes on to report:
Now, rebels have been torching homes in the abandoned city 25 miles to the south. Since Thursday, The Wall Street Journal has witnessed the burning of more than a dozen homes in the city Col. Gadhafi once lavished with money and investment. On the gates of many vandalized homes in the country’s only coastal city dominated by dark-skinned people, light-skinned rebels scrawled the words “slaves” and “negroes.”
“We are setting it on fire to prevent anyone from living here again,” said one rebel fighter as flames engulfed several loyalist homes.
For the former residents this is still not the end of the story, as reported recently by human rights workers in Tripoli, male inhabitants of the town who fled are being tracked down and rounded up in Tripoli and sent to Misrata to face the tender mercies of the mob there.

Notice how they invoke their god to support genocide.

brian said...

Hail the Conquering heroes? Cameron/Sarcozy not so popular as they imagined theyd be in Libya:

al_Jamahiriya @HodaAH So, still in #Ajdabiya. Were you ordered back so you couldn't witness the #NATO onslaught of #Sirte? #Libya #Tripoli
about 2 hours ago
al_Jamahiriya @mrzine_notes There is no new 'leadership' in #Tripoli. Nobody voted for these rats. #Qadhafi and the People's Committes are the government.
about 2 hours ago in reply to mrzine_notes
al_Jamahiriya How many millions of foreign workers in #Libya have had their lives destroyed by #Sarkozy, #Cameron & #Obama? #Tripoli #Sirte
about 2 hours ago
Sentletse How cute seeing war-criminals Cameron, Sarkozy and @WilliamJHague all smiles under protection of al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya.
about 2 hours ago
Retweeted by al_Jamahiriya
al_Jamahiriya #UNSC Resolution 1973 almost expired. #NATO going all out to destroy as much of #Sirte as possible. No food, water, electricty. #Libya
about 2 hours ago
al_Jamahiriya #SIRTE: #NATO conducting continous bombing of the city. #Qadhafi believed to be there, so their aim to kill him whatever the cost. #Libya
about 2 hours ago
SOMALIASUPPORTS #Libya #TRIPOLI Sources in #Sirte Confirm NO rebels even Close to #Sirte. while #AJE via Rueters continues its #Rebel propaganda.
about 2 hours ago
Retweeted by al_Jamahiriya
al_Jamahiriya But #NATO's #rebel savages have not entered the city. #Sirte #Libya
about 2 hours ago
al_Jamahiriya @HodaAH The lies coming from your bosses get more disgusting by the day. I have friends in #Sirte, they are living in hell thanks to #NATO.
about 2 hours ago
al_Jamahiriya #AlJazeera is reporting #rebels inside #Sirte. THIS IS A LIE. #Libya
about 2 hours ago
al_Jamahiriya @Number10gov People forced at gun point to cheer for #Cameron today in #Benghazi. #Allah wa #Moammar wa #Libya wa bas! #Tripoli #BaniWalid
about 3 hours ago

al_Massira People in #benghazi forced at gunpoint to form crowd of welcome for #sarkozy & #cameron. #Libya #tripoli #baniwalid
about 5 hours ago
Retweeted by al_Jamahiriya

al_Jamahiriya @al_Massira Yes, but the laptop I have is one I bought when I was studying in London, the keys have no arabic characters.
about 5 hours ago in reply to al_Massira
al_Jamahiriya @maxbryansk Apparently in & out in 30 mins. There was no way to get to the hotel to see. #Tripoli #Libya

brian said...

UN tacitly endorses genocide in Livya by those it chooses to recogise as govt of Libya
United Nations Says "No Comment" On Ethnic Cleansing Of Black Libyans

Had it not been for The Wall Street Journal breaking ranks with other corporate media, this genocide might well have been concealed and attributed to a figment of al-Quathafi's imagination.

Even the United Nations was unable to respond today to the ethnic cleansing reports when contacted by The Black Star News, and after the Journal's reports were forwarded. A spokesman for Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was asked whether: the targeted actions qualified as ethnic cleansing; whether they qualified as war crimes, and; whether the United Nations is demanding for an investigation.

The spokesman, Eduardo del Buey, ignored the specific questions and responded with a statement from the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, which in part states that “In situations of transition or unrest, restraint must be observed.”

Small comfort to the now depleted citizenry of Tawergha.

"We are not commenting on media reports. The High Commissioner speaks to the issue of human rights, and this is what she has said to date in Libya," Eduardo del Buey added.


brian said...

This phone call is a dispute between a Misurati rebel leader and the NTC's Military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Bani, showing numerous rebel's lies & hypocrisy. It confirms several facts:
- They talk about the presence of U.S & French troops within Misurata and Tripoli, and they are clearly admitting that foreign troops engaged in the attack & occupation of Tripoli, and are still there.

- ...

- The Misurati commander says that Benghazi owe them money and respect for the Misurata ‘martyrs’, the wounded and amputations (?), for all what they have done, including destroying the Gaddafi army in Misurata and areas “ Think about the armies we destroyed, Man, we destroyed 16 battalions in Misurata, there are MASS GRAVES of Gaddafi soldiers, but we are not supposed to talk about it. Who destroyed them? And you are talking about a National army?! Where is your National army of Benghazi? We are taking major casualties right now. Ambulances and planes are full of our casualties; hospitals are full of Misuratan rebels! Where is the help coming from Qatar? Where are the weapons coming from Qatar? You guys are excluding us from Libya like if we were Bangladesh. You are doing worse than Gaddafi, forgetting us and putting us apart”

brian said...


Freedom Now! host Dedon Kamathi interviews Mahdi Nazemroaya, one of the last independent journalists in Tripoli, and former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, about Nazemroaya's findings regarding the fabricated claims that led to the US war on Libya. With's Don DeBar.

Nazemroyas article: