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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The death of the Exmoor Emperor

Britain’s largest wild animal- a truly magnificent beast- killed by a trophy hunter. Can you understand the mentality of the person who did this? No, me neither.

More on this appalling story here.


Anonymous said...

A rather one-sided 'sport'. And an absolute contempt for the many who admired this beautiful animal. There are some very small minds in this 'big society'.
Best wishes, Robin

Mr. Piccolo said...

I am not keen on trophy hunting either. It is one thing to kill an animal for food or clothing or some other useful purpose, but trophies seem pointless, especially when hunting technology and technique is so advanced that it does not seem sporting anymore.

On the other hand, perhaps I am not much better. I know all the bad things that go on in factory farms yet I still munch on my supermarket chicken and beef. Modernity has not always been kind to our animal friends.

olching said...

Mr Piccolo is right. We are hypocritical in our stance towards animals; when they are personalised (as in this case), we go all soft. When eating our Coronation Chicken, we tuck in with gusto.

That said, what is perverse about this particular case is that defenders of the trophy hunter's actions are defending it along the lines of 'it's for its own good'. Really vile stuff.

Dr Grumble said...

I heard on the news today that the story may not be true.

Roland Hulme said...

Someone who likes venison?

Brightonian said...

Peter Hitchens this morning (31 October):
"Anyone would think that stags, if not shot by hunters, look forward to a contented old age being wheeled about in bath chairs in Eastbourne. The sentimental fuss about the alleged shooting of the ‘Emperor of Exmoor’ is Britain at its daftest.

"This beast may look very nice. But if he hasn’t been shot, he’ll die horribly from a broken leg, or contract TB. And in the meantime he is getting up to things with his younger female relatives that have no place in a family paper. I’m hoping for a nice venison stew for supper."

R J said...

One can be a carnivore (as plenty are, including myself) without buying into the horrors of factory farming. A book by American writer Matthew Scully, called DOMINION, is good on this topic.

Reading about the Exmoor Emperor's cruel death made me want to throw up.