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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis R.I.P.


How sad to hear today of the death of Tony Curtis.

Not the easiest man in the world to get along with by all accounts, but a great actor, with a real gift for comedy.

He was great in Some Like it Hot. He was great in The Sweet Smell of Success.

And as you can see above, he was brilliant as Chester Schofield in that wonderful Sixties comedy Monte Carlo or Bust- co-starring with the one and only Terry-Thomas. Enjoy!

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jock mctrousers said...

Yes, he gave at least 2 never-to-be-forgotten performances in Some Like it Hot and the Sweet Smell of Success. There are hordes of actors with a track record of hit movies outstripping Curtis's, but only a handful ever left ONE performance to match either of these.
I'd say the same for Burt Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success and Atlantic City.