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Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli forces ‘kill up to 19 people’ in raid on Gaza aid ship


Interesting to see how the numerous Israel-firsters in the US, British and Australian media try to spin this latest illegal act of barbarism from their favourite Middle Eastern country.
Will they:(a) completely ignore it (b) claim that the people on the aid ships were ‘supporting terrorism’, or (c)say that the Israeli forces were acting in ‘self-defence’?

Place your bets now.

Meanwhile, Stop the War have organised an emergency demonstration in London today to protest against Israel's action (there's also a demo organised in Scotland by the Scottish PSC- details here).

Stop the War write:

Approximately 700 civilians are on board the seven ships, of whom
28 are British citizens.

An emergency demonstration has been called for Monday 31 May,
2.00pm, at Downing Street, demanding that the British government
protest against Israel's violation of international law.

Well, I don’t think we should expect too much in the way of ‘protest’ from the current British government, while we have people like William Hague as Foreign Secretary.

But can you imagine Hague and co's response if Iran had violently stormed ships in international waters on which there were 28 British civilians?

UPDATE: You can read my comment piece on the Israeli action from today's Daily Mail here.

Meanwhile, around 40 British nationals are believed to have been detained by Israeli authorities. Once again, can you imagine the British government's response if Iran had done this?


Czarny Kot said...

Shocking stuff.

I woke up to it this morning when the death toll was 2.

That was bad enough but this is really serious.

They can't get away with this, can they?.....

RIP all those killed and condolences to their friends and family.

jock mctrousers said...

My God, this makes me feel like banging my head on a wall. We don't have to wonder how our 'leaders' will spin this; we can see and hear it on the BBC. They just invite the Israelis to tell us how it was. I read that Israel is going to prosecute the people on that boat for assault on their troops. Or maybe just send them to Guantanamo - I'm sure the US wouldn't mind holding them. Bastards.
Nothing less than the extradition of ALL the commandos and those who sent them, to stand charges of PIRACY, MURDER AND TERRORISM will do. And nothing short of hanging them would be an adequate penalty.

Anonymous said...

Like Jock, I feel totally powerless. I don't know what else to say about these American-funded genocidal barbarians.

After the Gaza atrocity I signed an 'Israel mnust lose' petition organised by Prof. Peter Hallward from the Philosophy Dept. at Middlesex University. They've just suspended Hallward and closed down the Dept., despite the fact that its research is 5-star rated and it attracts students from all over the world. They specialize in Continental philosophy, which tends to be radical left-wing.

Are these things unconnected? I don't think so.

- questionnaire

David Lindsay said...

But then, what if Iran had sunk an American naval intelligence ship? Next Tuesday, it will be 43 years since Israel did that. There has never been the slightest comeback. Anyone else who did that wouldn't last 43 hours.

We know that George Osborne subscribes to the insatiably war-hungry "Israel First, America Second, Britain Third (If At All)" foreign policy that is the third point of the triangle of which the other two are the decadent social libertinism of the 1960s and the decadent economic libertinism of the 1980s. But David Cameron accordingly addresses Osborne as "Oik". Has Cameron, too, gone oik?

Douglas said...

For the record, put me down as both b) and c).

We just live in different worlds.

One new twist to this incident was the use of social media by supporters of the ships. The Twitter hashtag #freedomflotilla was a trending topic yesterday, but there's been a bit of pushback today. Today is the first day I used Google Translate to reply in Arabic to an Arabic tweet.

The denial-of-service attack on the Jewish Chronicle website is now a standard part of the playbook.

Steve Hayes said...

Doesn't Israel have the right to defend itself? Doesn't a violent rapist have the right to attack a doctor who treats his victim?

Shane said...

I can relate with the previous posters, I'm practically numb with rage yet feel that nothing will come of it as once again the spin doctors are shaping the story for the masses. While the internet has given me more sources of info all it seems to do is feed a growing sense of impotence as the BBC and their keepers continue to get away with selling the lies that their wingnut minders tell them to.

Anonymous said...

have you seen this yet?

jock mctrousers said...

re anon's link to Guardian piece by Seth Freedman " Hey, I'm just a modern guy, 'course I had it in my ear before ... " as Iggy Pop sang. Seth shows that Israelis are 'just like us' - iPod toting, drinking in Hampstead, gay friendly, RICH and BEAUTIFUL - not like these starving lowlifes in their hijabs that never wash cos they got no water - remember the well-worn saying " smells like an Arab's armpit" . Bet Seth's even a member of the PIRATE PARTY.

neil craig said...

It is not illegal because blockade against a state or terrorist organisation with whom you are at war is perfectly legal. For example we did it to Germany during WW2.

Compare & contrast the coverage of this & the printing of thousands of letters by our media with the virtual total censorship of the ongoing dissections of 1300+ innocent civilians by NATO forces in Kosovo.

In particular compare the total censorship of any letters on the subject & the censorship of any balanced letters on Israel by our mainstream media.

It can not be denied that our entire media is controlled by corrupt, nurdering, genocidal, anti-Semitic, anti-Slavic Nazi scum willingb to tell absolutely any lie whatosever in the Nazi cause.

The same obviously applies in spades to the racist Nazi MPs who promoted our genocide & now lie about Israel. Not 1 of these animals has 1/10,000th as much decency as the Israelis.