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Friday, June 05, 2009

Wally of the Week: James Purnell

This week's winner is the "first Cabinet member with the balls to tell Prime Minister Gordon Brown his time is up- though not with the balls to tell him face to face."

But such underhand, cowardly behaviour is typical of the nastiest group of people in British politics- the uber-Blairites. The Brown government has, as Seumas Milne highlights, been inching towards a more progressive agenda in the last few months (45% top rate of tax, slightly softer foreign policy stance), and Labour's uber-Blairites- and their Conservative allies can't stand it.

For them, Purnell, lauded by neo-con Michael 'I love Tony Blair' Gove for being a "strong believer in an interventionist foreign policy", is a hero. Purnell is the man the Conservative Party's uber-Blairites would love to see as Labour leader. He'd press full steam ahead with 'reform' ie privatisation of the public services and welfare state, and get the country involved in more illegal wars as Tony did.

But for the rest of us, Purnell is a backstabbing, cowardly wally.


jock mctrousers said...

As someone with serious long-term health problems, the thought of James Purnell usually brings to mind a little fantasy reminiscent of a scene in the film ' Pulp Fiction'; see if you can guess which scene from the following keywords: medieval, ass, pliers, blowlamp.

olching said...

Yes, yes, yes, a super-wally. Best and most pertinent nomination yet. I would say this is only shortly followed by Caroline Flint who, showing off her latest designer gear to various women's magazines and newspapers, then accuses Brown of basically objectifying her.

Bye to all the Blairites.

David Lindsay said...

Let joy be unconfined.

He should have been sacked, anyway. Sacked for being on the fiddle. Sacked for publicly accepting the public offer of his job in a Cameron Cabinet. Sacked for persecuting the poor, the sick and the disabled. Sacked for being James Purnell.

George Osborne called his resignation “devastating news”. Devastating for whom, George? And why?

John Hutton, next in line to quit as part of this campaign being co-ordinated from beyond the grave by Tony Blair, has instead been sacked, told not to bother trying to contest the next Election, and even subjected to the indignity of being put on television to say that he had been planning for months to stand down. Well done the Browns, Gordon and Nick.

Not only should Purnell not be permitted to contest the Election as a Labour candidate, but he should be expelled from the Labour Party.

As should Blair. In the very unlikely event that Blair is still a member of it anyway, having hated it all his life, having only ever joined it on the instruction of his Oxford IMG mentor in order to destroy it, and having pretty much done so.

Anonymous said...

The top rate of tax announced in something called the Budget is 50% not 45%. Still waiting for sources for your Cicero and Gandhi "quotes" too. Is there any way you can stop making yourself a laughing stock? It's getting a bit predictable.

Neil Clark said...

jock: nice one.
olching: many thanks.
david: totally agreed.

anonymous: i thought you'd spot that deliberate mistake....put in especially for you.
re yr other comments, you really seem to have taken offence in quite a way to this post on Stephen Pollard, don't you?

you are 'anonymous' but you clearly are a huge fan of Pollard's. Since that post highlighting Pollard's unfortunate howlers re The Pope went up you've been emailing me on a regular, daily basis, demanding I answer allegations made by a certain Oliver Kamm, another friend of Stephen Pollard's. Very small world, isn't it?

But not last week. Stephen Pollard went on holiday last week, are you such a hero-worshipper of his that you take your holidays at exactly the same time? That really shows an extraordinary level of hero-worship.

In any case, I warned you that I regard your frequent emails to me demanding I answer certain questions as harassment and I'll be keeping good my promise of reporting this whole affair to the police. If you do get arrested, then you only have yourself to blame: I gave you every chance to desist from your obsessional behaviour.