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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wally of the Week: The Ideological Peter Mandelson

The business secretary (I refuse to call this corrupt, mega-creep 'Lord'), has accused unions who oppose the privatisation of the Royal Mail of fighting an 'ideological battle'.

Not only has Mandy once again shown his all-round wallyness, he's also made a spectacular effort to redefine the word 'chutzpah'.

For the ones fighting an 'ideological battle' on this issue are not the unions but fanatical neoliberals like Mandelson. Privatisation has proved a disaster for the British public and opposing it, far from being an 'ideological' position, is sheer common sense.

In the case of the railways, the British taxpayer pays around four-times more in subsidy to private rail companies that they did to the much-maligned British Rail.

Despite this enormous subsidy we still have by far and away the highest rail fares in Europe.

How can opposing this madness be labelled 'ideological'?

Neo-liberalism is a fundamentally dishonest ideology as its proponents deny that
it is an ideology at all. Instead they want us to believe that privatisation is
the norm and that anyone proposing public ownership is fighting an 'ideological battle'.

But the real ideologues are those, like Mandy, who won't rest until every single publicly owned asset is sold off.

1 comment:

Charlie Marks said...

He says the unions are scaremongering and producing propaganda.

He then accuses the CWU of threatening their members jobs and pensions and says that only privatisation can save Royal Mail.