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Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 weblog awards: your support is required!

Many thanks for all those who have voted to date for this blog in the 2008 Weblog awards, Best UK Blog category. We've polled almost 600 votes to date, but are now over 800 votes behind the warmongering, fanatical Zionist Melanie Phillips, who is picking up a lot of 'overnight' votes from the U.S.

It's not all over yet however and if you keep the votes coming in then you never know what might happen- there are still a full four days to go before polling ends (at 10pm GMT on Tuesday, not Monday as previously mentioned). Remember, you are allowed to vote every 24 hours from the same computer. You can vote here, and also by clicking the Awards logo on the right.

Also, please try and spare ten seconds or so to vote for fellow socialist anti-war blogger Madam Miaow in the Culture Blog vote, she needs your support too.

Many thanks, and wherever you are in the world, do try and get to an anti-war march tomorrow, it's so important that we all come together to register our total disgust at what Israel is doing to the hapless civilians of Gaza. Details of the London march can be found here.


Anonymous said...

reigniting violence: just who ends the ceasefires:

'How did the recent ceasefire unravel? The mainstream media in the US and Israel places the blame squarely on Hamas. Indeed, a massive barrage of Palestinian rockets were fired into Israel in November and December, and ending this rocket fire is the stated goal of the current Israeli invasion of Gaza. However, this account leaves out crucial facts.

First, and most importantly, the ceasefire was remarkably effective: after it began in June 2008, the rate of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza dropped to almost zero, and stayed there for four straight months (see Figure 1, from a factsheet produced by the Israeli consulate in NYC). So much for the widespread view, exemplified in yesterday's New York Times editorial that: "There is little chance of restraining Hamas without dealing with its patrons in Syria and Iran." Instead, the data shows clearly that Hamas can indeed control the violence if it so chooses, and sometimes it does, for long periods of time.

Second, and just as important, what happened to end this striking period of peace? On November 4th, Israel killed a Palestinian, an event that was followed by a volley of mortars fired from Gaza. Immediately after that, an Israeli air strike killed six more Palestinians. Then a massive barrage of rockets was unleashed, leading to the end of the ceasefire

Anonymous said...

It looks like whoever rigs these awards is going to give it to Created in Birmingham rather than measles Mel ( we could be faced with a measles epidemic as a result of her campaign against the MMR jab)- what a joke! I had a look at the Created site - quite worthy, I suppose but who reads it? And where are its votes coming from? At least we know where Mel's are coming from.
Care to say something about how they arrive at the short list in the first place? It is a bit opaque.

Madam Miaow said...

Ooh, I hadn't realised that, Jock. Thanks for the tip.

Waddya reckon, Neil? Think we should switch over to Brum?

Anonymous said...

The votes came to Mile from where other bloggers/ commentators defnding Israel came from...

Here we go.

Neil Clark said...

there's been a real concerted Zionist campaign to get Phillips this title- but not only that- a certain Zionist smear merchant has done their bit to smear me too, (anonymously of course, that's how they work ) popping up, as if by magic, on various websites which called on their readers to vote for me in the UK Blog awards.
on the subject of zionist activity on the internet, the Stop the War website- and email account- was hacked into today- the site is down- obviously the success of yesterday's massively attended march against Israel's aggression was too much for someone.

Unknown said...

Hey Mr. Clark former American student here and it looks like the blogger vote is not looking good. But I at least the campaign season has not been all so bad with the new U.S Prez-elect coming in NEXT WEEK.

In regards to the present climate in Gaza, I think what must be learned from this outbreak of violence, war, and innocent death (aren't they all?) as it should have from the past, Israel must understand the terms it shares with the Palestinian.

Terms consist of the UNDERSTANDING that the ultimate fate of Israeli is mutually tied into the fate the Palestinian. The more Israel pounds Gaza, leaves the region under the most horrific conditions, and with no ray of hope and better promise in the miserable conditions which they live, then the more violent reprisals Israel exposes itself too.

Israel can attempt to obilterate Hamas but do so in vain because they have lost the PEOPLE of the region. The same PEOPLE that were so desperate they turned to Hamas by voting in the party during their elections. Israel as lost the 'moral high ground' in the eyes of PALESTINIAN- not because of its right to exist but because Israel has never taken the iniative to reach out to the people of this region. REaching for handle of a weapon rather than their deep pockets of aid.

Definetely not helping as much it has attacked Gaza, so instead of feeling so insecure as a teetering nation fighting to stay afloat- Israel in order to bring stability needs to take control of the region by INCORPORATING everyone in the region. Israel has to finally broadcast itself as a nation here to stay by acting like it and strengthening bordering areas- namely creating close ties to these areas' governments before they get replaced by more unfavorable parties (hamas)

Look at the U.S policy for example, they bomb you to stone age (Hiroshima) just to make you an ally in a new age (Japan). WAr is war but only when there is goal of peace.

But when there is no means through which peace can truly be implemented because both parties do not understand this is 'war' is not about victory but peace. Whether it comes about winning or not, you fight for whatever form peace you want for your respective region.

But to fight, simply to win is nothing more than a small battle of a what must seem to be neverending WAR- not a war but chaos.

Israel as superior power must learn to build it relationship to Palestine and the muslim world just as it built their own country, by aiding such a development, if they expect to COEXIST - peacefully. They can start by taking the relationship building concepts used by the U.S in examples such as the 'Marshall Plan' (nation-building aid) and have a clear strategy and follow-up plan to whatever the outcome is of the situation. It seems like NONE of this is actually happening. . .

And this just another episode in this saga rather than event to build from. Maybe Obama can bring some perspective to these sides.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, Neil, it looks like your lagging behind a bit, but at least that Brum blog might beat Mad Mel and the GIYUS megaphone crew.

If Mad Mel loses let's take comfort and call it a victory.

- questionnaire

Anonymous said...

"Obviously the success of yesterday's massively attended march against Israel's aggression was too much for someone."

You think that violence and thuggery constitutes "success"? You think the terror supporters who spoke on the stage and were cheered made it a "success"? You think pro-terrorist and anti-semitic banners make it a "success"?