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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vote for George Galloway!

It's time for the Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards.

I've voted for George Galloway. These are the reasons I gave in my nomination:

It has to be George Galloway. He's one of the few MPs not tied to the neocon/neoliberal junta that has dominated British politics for so long and which has embroiled us in a series of catastrophic and very costly wars. He has been proved right on Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The neocons, who even after Iraq, have such a powerful media presence, hate Galloway, which is a sign he is on the right track.
He has been attacked, smeared and demonised, but he hasn't let that stop him from speaking his mind.
The positions Galloway has taken- whether it be his opposition to the neocon war agenda, or his support for railway renationalisation, are shared by the majority of the British people. His views are mainstream, it's only the neocon/neoliberal elite who try to portray him as an 'extremist'.
On top of all of that, he is easily the best, and most inspiring, public speaker of his generation.

The Spectator has described me as ‘plucky’ for nominating Galloway and says that so far I’m a ’fairly solitary voice’ in voting for him. The ’fairly’ is positive- it means that George has got at least one other vote. Let's try and get him a few more.

Serb readers should remember that Galloway was not only one of the few MPs to oppose the criminal bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999, but he’s also taken a very strong line on Kosovo.

The neocons would hate it if Galloway won the award. So let's try and make it happen.
Here is the link to the vote. But don't delay- voting closes on Monday 26th October.

Vote Galloway: the man the neocon warmongers love to hate.

Above you can watch George in action- giving neocon David Frum- the man who coined the notorious phrase 'Axis of Evil', a real roasting on Newsnight. Notice how Frum's first tactic is to try and smear Galloway, talking sarcastically about his 'integrity'. And note how George responds.


jock mctrousers said...

Yes, thanks for that. I've huge reservations about Galloway (his anti-protestantism and advocacy of mass immigration for starters), but I agree he would have to be the parliamentarian of the decade not just the year. But his chances of winning a far-right Spectator poll are zero, so why dignify the Spectator with the attention. I thought of doing it but the page had a how many times a month do you read the Spectator and it didn't have a zero option.

Ste2K said...

it's between galloway and tony benn for me. i agree with what jock says about immigration etc. he is one of the few politicians who dare talk about zionism though, and his campaigning for gaza, so for that alone says he's certainly not a paid stooge like the others, and is definitely a wise choice for the award.

faceless said...

Jock Mctrousers - Galloway's not anti-protestant, he's anti the sort of idiotic HUN who phones in to his radio show with deluded stories of MASS IMMIGRATION and the sort.

Back of the net.

faceless said...

hey JOCK, galloway's not anti-protestant, he's anti-HUN. You sound like a part-time hun, so it's no surprise you don't like him.

Please stop being a hun.

jock mctrousers said...

'Hun' is a viciously sectarian term for Protestants, commonly used by Celtic fans. Could I get away here with using terms like 'Mick', 'Tim',' Bogtrotter', 'Teague' (I'm not sure how you spell that one)? I'm not a Rangers fan incidentally. 'Faceless' is a pretty good example of the tendency Galloway too frequently aligns himself with - depicting ALL white (non-white Scots tend to be muslims) non-catholic Scots as vicious sectarian Orange-lodge type Ian Paisley fans. In fact most Scots are secular, and most nominal protestants never give religion a second thought. There was always a strong Roman Catholic influence in the Labour party (to its detriment I feel)and RC victimhood politics still has some mileage in it. Galloway beats this drum incessantly, to the extant of stating publicly that he fears for the safety of catholics in Scotland if it gained independence. He even went so far as to say on one of his early radio programmes that " there is no more child abuse in the Catholic church than anywhere else". He praised the South American liberation priests, but also managed to sing the praises of the last arsehole pope who excommunicated them! So, he's just human and he's under enormous strain. Due respect for all the good he does, but to put it bluntly, I wish he would drop this shit.

jack said...

But he also co-founded his political party Respect with the horrible "human rights" activist Vanessa Redgrave who publicly praises and supports the regime in Kosovo and Washington and Britain’s other fascist/racist Islamic separatist regimes and fielding as a candidate for local MP Babar Ahmed who runs Azzam Publications one of the premier jihadist recruitment and media distribution organisations famous one being of a Serb soldier killed in a Orthodox church and Chechen jihadist videos for Saudi/Chechen warlord Khattab.

Galloway N-O NO!

I wish someone had mentioned Kosovo to Straw and the other candidates on QT especially the Liberal Democrats whose former leader MI6 terrorist Paddy Ashdown was at the fore front of supporting (humorous to hear during the Milosevic trail promising Blair’s support while inspecting weapons to KLA leaders and his X Ray vision to see bogus Serb atrocities).

Neil Clark said...

Hi Jack:
i think you're being a wee bit harsh on George- not many MPs opposed the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq- and oppose any military intervention against Iran. George is one of them.
I'm sure there are some people in Respect who don't share George's views on Kosovo, but he himself has opposed its illegal separation from Serbia.
Again, how many MPs have taken that position?
all best, Neil

David Lindsay said...

Have done.

Sadly, he has gone a bit Eurofederalist in later years, and has associated with Trots and Islamists. But he is still totally pro-life.

jack said...

@Neil Clark

I respect him for that fact alone (no pun intended) that he was only a few politicians to oppose it while it was happening and of course his opposition to the Iraq war.

I thought he was one of these left wing politicians who supports every perceived “oppressed” people promoted in the mass media.

Actually if you noticed where these Islamic insurgents are fighting who are usually on the payroll of the US through NED, USAID, Soros, etc are in areas that are on or near areas with vast untapped natural resources or key oil and gas transit routes that benefit the US.

“Al Qaeda” is reporting to put all it's effort in destabilising Xinjing in China.

Good to know there giving the US a helping hand.

And why why is no one asking why we are really in Afghanistan which is not to fight Al Qaeda as it is admitted tat there are no more than 100 in the country and its not to fight drug trafficking as its main transit and distribution nexus into Europe is through KLA network in Kosovo which some say (which I believe to be true transmit to Kosovo via US air flights to the US military base there).

Sorry to go off topic.

Anonymous said...

Given the bashings some brits on this site are giving to the only honest politican in the UK...its no wonder the UK is in the sort of moral morass it is today.