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Monday, October 12, 2009

Gordon Brown: Fire-sale starter

video: Prodigy Channel.

In Britain in our wonderful democracy, we have three main parties, all with different names, but all the support the same pro-capital, pro-privatisation, pro-cuts agenda.
Today Labour will announce a fire-sale of state assets- the biggest privatisation programme since the early 1980s. And what do the opposition parties say?:

Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, cautiously welcomed the move to sell off assets.....
Last night the Tories said the move was "probably necessary" given the state of the finances. A spokesman said: "Given the state the country is in it is probably necessary....

Does anyone still doubt the view that we live, to what all extents and purposes is a one-party state?

(More on the fire-sale over at the CPO)

UPDATE: The Daily Mail reports:

The pound fell to its lowest level in six months last night on news of Gordon Brown's £16billion asset sale to ease the growing national debt.
Sterling plunged after the Prime Minister announced the plan to sell central and local government assets over the next two years.

Nice one, Gordon. You're such a financial genius.


jack said...

Let me guess George Soros will probably be managing it just like he did in Eastern Europe and Russia starting in Hungry in 89 through Soros Open Society.

We know were all the bank bail out money will be headed to buy up assets on the cheap through front men in there rigged auctions like they did in Russia.

DBC Reed said...

The common demoninator in the UK's one party state which you describe is an obsession with house prices.This obsession is also global and everything possible is done(including destroying capitalism with sub-prime home loans ) to give people the feeling that they are receiving unearned capital gains in their houses (i) because rising house prices ensure election by the bribed majority (b)the mortgage system leaves the young working population slaving away just to put a roof over their heads,so they won't strike or take time off .
A sure sign of the one-party mentality is a sycophantic press that happily reports house price inflation as a good thing but abominates wage inflation as the work of the Devil or Marxists.
As a long-time opponent of Home Ownernism , I have to say that orthodox lefties are none too keen on falls in average house prices (ultimately land prices)either.