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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wally of the Week: A.A. Gill

Or rather Sicko of the Week.

The Guardian reports:

Animal welfare groups voiced outrage today after the restaurant critic AA Gill said he shot a baboon on safari "to get a sense of what it might be like to kill someone".

"I know perfectly well there is absolutely no excuse for this," he wrote. "There is no mitigation. Baboon isn't good to eat, unless you're a leopard. The feeble argument of culling and control is much the same as for foxes: a veil for naughty fun. I wanted to get a sense of what it might be like to kill someone, a stranger. You see it in all those films: guns and bodies, barely a close-up of reflection or doubt. What does it really feel like to shoot someone, or someone's close relative?"

I wonder if Gill is any relation to the equally depraved Teressa Groenwald-Hagerman?


jock mctrousers said...

Love the picture. I guess he's saying that he wants to kill someone for the thrill of it. Some prole preferably. But he doesn't want to go to jail. Maybe Lord Snooty Cameron and his pals will fix that up for him. But why not a chimpanzee? Or even a Palestinian - I'm sure he could get away with that.

Robin Carmody said...

I have always, always, always despised Gill with a rare passion. He seems to incorporate all my most hated characteristics into one person, every one of them emphasised to the nth degree.

Gregor said...

I think that Jimmy Carr could beat him to the award.

Tony Blair should be in prison for lying to the country, but our soldiers joined up to protect our national sovereignty.

Overall I dislike the mainstream 'left' for their incessant affected self-righteousness concerning complex issues (immigration, abortion, gay adoption) yet this really did shock me: Britain seems to be a country where the wealthy send young men out to warzones then point and laugh if they get injured.

Incidentally, I am not opposed to comedians using black humour, but it has to be very clever to work. Carr is just a worthless nonentity who doesn't have the talent or (paradoxically) the humanity to make it work.

Robin Carmody said...

Carr is odious right-wing slime anyway.

There was a whole lineage of British comedy that can precisely be dated from Not The Nine O'Clock News to Brass Eye - i.e. 1979 to 1997, not coincidentally - which was characterised by genuine anger and an element of social responsibility. After that it all became smug and arrogantly sneery, which has left us without the effective subculture we had last time to challenge resurgent Toryism (much the same happened to British music after Britpop). Carr is the embodiment of all this - no genuine ideas of his own, just nasty little cracks which, were they spouted by older men from less privileged backgrounds without the excuse of irony, would be considered worse than Griffin by the very same people who call them a "breath of fresh air".

Carr, like Fat Les a decade ago, like the whole New Lad culture which set the tone for his existence, prompts my second favourite Momus quote: "in the end, even recontextualised fascism is still fascism". All the worst aspects of the mid-90s have never left us: they've merely been accentuated and institutionalised.

Gill is a minor hate figure by comparison, if only because everyone knows he's a clown. Carr has alarming levels of credibility.

Roland Hulme said...

Are you a vegetarian, Neil? Because I can promise you that the continuing suffering of millions of animals in factory farms far outweighs the quick and instantaneous death of a baboon.

The ban of fox hunting was one of Britain's greatest hypocrisies - committed by ignorant lugs who decried 'animal cruelty' all while shoveling processed meat into their fat gobs.

DBC Reed said...

At least Gill will be known ever after as Baboon Gill.The initials did n't communicate much anyway Automobile Association,Alcoholics Anonymous?Baboon Gill will afford him some much-needed brand recognition.

Neil Clark said...

Roland- in answer to yr question, no I'm not a vegetarian. But Gill didn't shoot the baboon to eat it. Baboons are inedible, unless you are a leopard, which Gill isn't.
Had he shot pheasant, and then cooked it, no problem. (or at least, I'd have no problem with that). So I don't think you can compare killing an animal to eat it with Gill's totally gratuitous act of violence.

Anonymous said...

Jock McTrousers is right.

If you want to butcher children (oops "terrorists" I mean) without the slightest chance of any kind of legal blowback, then join the Israeli army!

Anonymous said...

Gill would probably rather like to shoot a peasant than a pheasant.

I don't now if he would cook and eat him though...

Richard said...

Gill is a piece of merde. Suprised he fathered children, nature help them, for his style/sensibiliy is south of most anything I can identify as intelligeng/human.