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Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind. Tony Bliar's EU Presidency bid in tatters

The Daily Mail reports:
Tony Blair's audacious bid to become Europe's first president was in crisis last night.
As even Labour's socialist allies refused to back him, Gordon Brown clashed angrily with other EU leaders, telling them to 'get real' and support the Blair candidacy....
Leading German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung - a bellwether of opinion in Berlin - said Mr Blair's chances of becoming president were now 'approaching zero'.

More on this oh, so sad story at The First Post and The Guardian.

If you see someone jumping off a bridge today in London or Washington, it's highly likely to be a neocon.

UPDATE: Over at the Spectator blog, in response to this post by James Forsyth, commenter Paul Hughes writes:
I don't care if Satan gets the job. The man who allowed Brown to wreck the nation's finances, before ducking out in time to make his millions, is not going to have the opportunity to swan around in a job which he will mould so as to be able to outshine our next PM.

But Paul, Satan isn't going to get the job. The Europeans don't want him.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Mail on Sunday reports:

Tony Blair has been in talks with Tesco about helping them open supermarkets in the Middle East - allegedly in return for up to £1million.
It is believed the discussions between the former Prime Minister, now a peace envoy to the region, and the supermarket chain, whose slogan is 'Every little helps', ended after the two sides failed to agree terms.
The disclosure could further damage Mr Blair's hopes of becoming the first President of Europe, as critics will seize on it as evidence that he is as interested in making money as he is in reviving his career as a statesman.
According to one source, Mr Blair's proposed role for Tesco would simply have been to act as a figurehead for their drive to break into the Middle East market.


Mick Hall said...


Gregor said...
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Anonymous said...

Neil, did you see Oliver Kamm's vulgar leering face pop up on Andrew Neil's TV show last night?

His pitiful whining efforts to talk up Tony Blair as the EU President got so badly derided and torn to pieces that I almost started to feel sorry for him! But then I remembered that Kamm is a nasty piece of work who (after a 4 year internet hate campaign against you) has now even started to get at you by smearing your wife!

jack said...

I'm surprised you haven't talked about the Karadzic trail in The Hague yet Neil?

I was surprised they would even try to arrest him given disaster of the Milosevic trail and this one will be even more embarrassing given that fact it will highlight US/British support for International Islamic terrorism in Bosnia including Bin Laden as well as the lead 9/11 hijackers KSM and Atta.

The only logic I can see is that with all the media hype this will show that Europe and the US really care about Muslim with “Europe’s failure during the 90’s” and “Srebrenica” sound bites.
Actually Cohen and Albright who were instrumental during the Balkan conflict in the Clinton government are head of an organisation monitoring “genocide” and advocating US lead humanitarian intervention which is actually an offshoot of Popper/Soros Open Society.

Robin Carmody said...

That "get real" quote sums up the British elite - as far as they're concerned, anyone who wants to live in a social democratic society not under total US control is "unreal".

This can't go on. It won't, should Scotland secede and England end up living under direct rule from Washington - which I sometimes feel it deserves.

Suvorov said...


The embarrassment of prosecution will be apparent only to those who follow the trial, and that will not be the MSM. If Karadzic dies under mysterious circumstances just as Milosevic did, the media and the ruling elite will lament that he never truly faced justice and that the trial never reached its "logical conclusion".

jack said...


If he dies as well I think even the mass media would find something fishy about it.

They will probably have good evidence to convict him of some crime as it is impossible for a troop or militia under his command but not by his direction or order to have committed a crime during the civil war seeing how Croat and Bosnian paramilitaries also killed civilians. They won’t mention that he was not convicted of Srebrenica although once he’s convicted or killed news reports will constantly reference it.

lenko said...

I don't get it -- what on earth was Gordon Brown doing at a meeting of socialist countries?
Surely Tono outlawed that years back?

Suvorov said...

He wasn't the first one who died in the Hague, but MSM never found anything fishy about it.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny Neil;

Blair, is a real test for Europe, choosing him means Europeans see themselves taking a picture next to Blair here to celebrate his greatest achievements ever

By the way, this page is from Brazil...... which indicate what sort of image blair would give the world about EU.

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

thanks for the comments.

I think that the report should have said Labour's 'Socialist Party allies', not Socialist allies! There's a world of difference between most European 'Socialist' parties today and socialism- just think of the Hungarian Socialists. And of course now the Serb Socialist Party have signed up to neoliberalism and as a reward they are allowed to be in the Serbian government.
re Karadzic- isn't is revealing that the people making the biggest noise re the trial and trying to persuade us that they are compassionate souls who have concern for Muslims in the Balkans are by and large, the very same people who supported the illegal invasion of Iraq- which has led to the deaths of over 1m people-the vast majority of them Muslims- and Israel’s Operation Cast Lad (and also Israel's bombardment of Lebanon). The biggest killers of Muslims in the last 20 years have been Blair and Bush, yet these people support them.
Karadzic and Srebrenica provides a useful way the neocons can claim to be concerned about Muslims, because in the Balkans backing Izetbegovic, and later Kosovan separatists, happened to coincide with their strategic interests ie destroying socialist federal Yugoslavia, with its high level of social ownership, and replacing it with several weak IMF/NATO protectorates fully open to western finance capital. Fortunately most Muslims understand what the game was all about - neocons don’t care about Muslims: all they care about is destroying regimes which resist colonisation by western capital.
And of course, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the country they are targeting next.

second anonymous: nice one!