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Friday, October 09, 2009

Peter Brierley is a national hero

Here's why.


vladimir gagic said...

exactly right

aitken614 said...

At last someone has the balls to tell the truth about Blair.
Mr Brierley, I salute you.
Androkovich, Ayrshire

Eastern Europe Watch said...

I though Rowan Williams also took a good stand against the Iraq War, as much as could be done in the context of a memorial service

Anonymous said...


Totally agree. Even more so once I saw Kamm's reaction. That twerp attacked Brierley twice. According to Kamm,

1) Brierley should be honoured to have lost a son in an illegal war.

2) Brierley should suffer in silence.

Brierley's bravery clearly traumatised our favourite neo-con. It sure as hell spooked that toad Kamm's disgusting hero Tony.