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Friday, October 02, 2009

Vote No- to stop a war criminal from becoming EU President

In case there are any Irish readers still unsure about which way to vote in today's EU Referendum on the Lisbon treaty, this surely is the clincher.


olching said...

Nice one, Neil.

I think regardless of where people stand on the issue of the EU in general, everyone must surely agree that this is the most cynical referendum imaginable.

Added to that Tony Blair's impending presidency, and it all looks rather disgusting.

Vote no on principle.

Louis said...

The fact that the head of Ryan Air is for it should be the greatest argument against it. Also that no counties are having a vote on this disgusting treaty and grotesque organisation is just furthur evidence of the total contempt that the EU has for democracy.

Czarny Kot said...

If the Lisbon Treaty results in Blair becoming President of the EU then please god, no.

I'm pro-European but EU-sceptic: I like the general idea of European co-operation and even unity but i'm pretty sure the current model coming out of Brussels is not the best path.

PS: Does anyone know of a good link to an 'idiots guide' to the Lisbon treaty? Like most, I have no idea what exactly they are trying to sell us.

Chris H said...

Looks like the Irish have voted 'yes'.

Perhaps the precedent of calling for another vote when the electorate gets it wrong will allow a third vote. No? didn't think so.

Just when we thought we'd seen the back of Mr Sanctimonious. Pah.

Robin Carmody said...

I cannot help thinking that the Lisbon Treaty will be the tipping point that ends the UK and turns England into another Puerto Rico.

Imagine an overall vote against the treaty in Cameron's referendum, a stronger vote against in England, but Scotland (and possibly also Wales) voting in favour. In the current climate that could be decisive, and might well lead to a far-right assertion, and something close to a race war, in England, should the civic identity of Britishness be removed.

I hope I'm exaggerating. I *wish* I'm exaggerating ...