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Friday, October 23, 2009

Bring back the guillotine for Goldman Sachs and co!

Sasha Cockburn makes the case in today‘s First Post:

Here in America, the corporate class is now entirely out of control, lawless and beyond the sanction of prosecutor, juror or ballot box. If corporate lawbreakers felt that somewhere along the line the retribution of the guillotine might await them, it would concentrate their minds marvellously, and cow them into lawfulness.


neil craig said...

It would make them emigrate to the Cayman islands, Dubai, Singapore etc

The fact is that the recession is overwhelmingly the fault of politicians, with their agenda of parasitism & eco-fascism. Blaming bankers is simply a diversion tactic albeit a historically successful one as the German fascists once proved using the Jews in the same way.

Anonymous said...

"It would make them emigrate to the Cayman islands, Dubai, Singapore etc"

Dubai? That'd be the Dubai where you have your passport confiscated and/or go to prison for bouncing a cheque?

Or Singapore, where you can be hanged for carrying a couple of minutes' worth of cocaine?

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure all the bankers will be queueing up at the gates...

Eastern Europe Watch said...

Having read Cockburn, I'm not sure he really is actually advocating the guillotine, though he is annoyed at the ritualistic aspect of protest against the elites.

The most likely violent spin off from the evident cretinism of the neoliberal order will, in the absence of democratic alternatives, be terrorism.

The disturbing fact is that when enough people are given enough consumer pleasure as divertions and are working hard to maintain their pursuit of such illusions, there will be no organised resistance.

The only way of forcing change with be through machine gunning down consumers in shopping malls, a psychopathology already running through those loony Islamists trying to blow up Glasgow Airport.

For the simple fact is that politicians are unaccountable as regards what can be considered real democracy but not in terms of satisfying the cravings of the masses to be happy through an energy intensive lifestyle.

The collapse of Brown's inherently unsustainable debt fuelled consumerism was colluded in by all those Britons who took out loans, craved a consumption pattern beyond their means.

Enough people colluded with the illusions of New Labour to make their regime possible: denying that and pretending it's only the fault of the bankers is just too easy.

Just as blaming Iraq on Blair and not on the energy intensive lifestyle that is assumed and not questioned by a significant number of Britons who want feelgood protest whilst not cutting back on their car use.

Tolstoy had it right when he commented that we must be the change that we want to see. Otherwise, blaming politicians is not much more than the projection of our faults on to "them".

neil craig said...

Since both Singapore & Dubai are already major financial centre it seems Mous's prediction that it could never happen is a little late.

Call it a hunch but I suspect that emigration whould increase substantailly if EEW's eco-fascist "real democracy" in which people got machine gunned unti they agreed they wanted to be poor were established.

Personally I think "satisfying the cravings of the masses to be happy" should be a primary duty of anybody wanting to be in government & "through an energy intensive lifestyle" is indeed a major part of how to do it. By that standard all our major parties except UKIP have chosen to support eco-fascism & fear tactics rather than their duty.

Anonymous said...

"Since both Singapore & Dubai are already major financial centre"

Indeed they are - those punitive punishments for fraud and drug abuse clearly work wonders!

Incidentally, it's all very well to hold your country to ransom by threatening to leave, but it's foolish to assume that any other country would even want the drug-addled, untrustworthy C-grade-minded dross that runs our financial sector.

neil craig said...

So you are saying that none of the people making Singapore & Dubai rich are British?

Anonymous said...

No, that's not what I'm saying, and you know it. Very poor effort.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has facebook, they may be interested in joining the group 'guillotine the bankers':

Wishful thinking...