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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We don't need a bigger army, Dave

David Cameron is right to say that British Armed Forces are understaffed for the role they are currently being asked to fulfil. But the answer is not a "bigger army" as Dave has promised, but to return our armed forces to the role they were originally intended for: defence of the realm. To quote Mark Steele, we need our boys (and girls) back home playing ping-pong at Aldershot, and not helping to implement the neo-con fantasies of the yellow-bellied, armchair aggressors of the Henry Jackson Society.If the Henry Jacksonites and their Eustonista allies want a 'forward' foreign policy, then by all means let them form their own 'international brigade' and do the fighting- and the dying- themselves. But they should not expect the British taxpayer, who wants nothing more to do with their wretched, illegal wars, to foot the bill.


Charlie Marks said...

To right. We needed the armed forces here to fight against floods this summer!

Neil Clark said...