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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The colossal nerve of Nicolas Sarkozy

'Russia should exercise the responsibilities that go with its aspiration to be a great power.' said Nicolas Sarkozy (above) today. I wonder what "responsiblities" the French President is referring to? Perhaps not making war-like utterances on the illegal bombing of a sovereign state? It seems to me that the country which ought to start exercising its "responsibilities" is not Putin's Russia, which threatens no-one, but Nicolas Sarkozy's increasingly belligerent France.
Do the French people really have to put up with another four and a half years of this pathetic neo-con wanabee and his even more embarrassing Foreign Minister?


zelary said...

I hate to remind you, Neil, but Sarkozy was elected with a thumping great majority, and his views were hardly a secret at the time.

Neil Clark said...

True, but I'm not so sure he would get any kind of majority if the election was held again today.

Anonymous said...

Having spent most of my summer in France im going to have to say 'Yes.' The French do want to see more of Sarkozy and his promised reforms.

And as for Putins Russia 'threatening noone' would it be remiss to point out the despicable war in Chechnya presided over none other than a Mr Putin?



Nick said...

So the will of the people is only valid when it coincides with your own views, Neil? That sounds a bit Neo-con to me.

Neil Clark said...

pete, we're not talking about the past: who does Russia threaten today?
nick: not at all. I'm disappointed Sarkozy was elected, but unlike the neo-cons I'm happy to accept election results that don't go the way I'd like them to go. I have never branded Sarkozy a 'dictator', which is how neo-cons refer to democratically elected leaders, like Chavez and Lukashenko, (and in the past, Milosevic), who they don't like.

Steven said...

This is typical "politique des gestes", ie. Sarkozy (the re-incarnation of Blair) and Kouchner are fond of poses and grand phrases but in fact, no one really gives a damn what they think. France has zero leverage. Putin will continue to act in the interests of Russia (thank God) and not the scummy neo-cons.

zelary said...

"True, but I'm not so sure he would get any kind of majority if the election was held again today."

On what grounds? I haven't been following French politics that closely, but I don't recall any suggestion that Sarkozy has changed his position since his election campaign.