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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Racist Commenter Writes........

I have a policy not to publish any racist comments I receive, but I’m going to make an exception. Last week, after I reported how the blogger ‘David T', proprietor of the ‘decent left’ pro-war website Harry's Place, had been outed as City corporate lawyer David S. Toube, an associate of the US multinational law firm Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton,‘anonymous’ left the following comment:

Get your Serbian mates to cut his balls off and stick them in his mouth.

That's real socialism in action!!

Well, for the record, I do have some Serbian ‘mates’. (I’m presuming that in ‘Nick’ our anonymous commenter is referring to me, and not regular commenter Mick Hall, but that’s not really the point).
But not a single Serb of my acquaintance believes in cutting people’s balls off and sticking them in their mouths- or that such actions constitute “real socialism in action”. Indeed, I have yet to meet a Serb who believes that violence is the solution for anything- unlike many British neo-cons who clearly do- and whose support for illegal wars of aggression has led to over 1m people losing their lives.
If ’anonymous’ reads this, then I've got a solution on how, for a comparatively sum of money he can be cured of his rather unpleasant anti-Serb racism. Get on the internet and book a return flight ticket to Belgrade, and spend a week or two with some of the gentlest, most hospitable, and well educated people you’ll find anywhere in the world. I can assure you, you’ll find Belgrade at two o'clock on a Saturday morning a lot safer than London, or indeed any British city. And don’t worry. I’m sure no-one will be remotely interested in your balls. And that’s not just because you clearly haven’t got any.


Anonymous said...

Well, I used to share a house with a Serb who believed that Vuk Draskovitch was the answer, but I was able to disabuse him of that idea. Some of his friends had violently anti-Kosovar feelings, but this was a) not impossible to argue against, and b) expressed while NATO was bombing Yugoslavia with the pretext of helping Kosovars achieve 'national liberation'.

It isn't altogether new for humanitarian interventionists to rely on racist conceptions of global arrangements. From the Boers to Basra, everywhere that humanitarianism has been hitched to imperialism, the necessary corollary has been racism. How could it be otherwise? How can Serb media workers be transformed into pink mist unless they are a fungible racial horde, 'guilty' a la Goldhagen for mass rapes, genocide etc?

Anonymous said...

How droll... the anonymous Serbophobic fascist must've read somewhere about the exact same and other similarly ingenious torture methods Croat Ustashi have been practicing on Serbs during the WWII, but prefers to pin them on the Serbs. The usual Goebbels Strategy of throwing it all up in the air and hoping some of it sticks.

On a more pleasant note: Le Toube has received my expressions of appreciation already. But if he prefers to get them delivered in person, why doesn't he just say so?

You got them, Neil, my friend, you got them where it hurts the most. If they weren't so pathetic, the whole thing would've been hilarious! Custom tailored suits, a peacock in a man, a man in a peacock and whatnot... oh, brother! The kinda stuff that makes you laugh of the top of the lungs! Itsy bitsy dough-boys, uptown yentas, op-pimps, petty errand runners, blogo-whores, dime-a-dozen article barfers, spammers and blogosphere heavy breathers, skunks and Scum.

And now the crying, the whining, the hissing and pissing all over the place... Yuck!