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Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore for President?

Will new Nobel Prize winner Al Gore now decide to run for President, as former President Jimmy Carter has urged him to?
Well, if he does, and manages to beat Hilary the Hawk, Barack Obama and co in the battle for the Democratic nomination, let's hope he choses someone better for his running-mate than he did back in 2000, when he plumped for the pro-war neo-con creep Joe KLA/Let's attack Iraq/Let's attack Iran Lieberman.

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David Lindsay said...

What exactly has Al Gore ever done for peace? That is the question. Not whether or not global warming exists, or what causes it, or anything like that. Simply, what has Al Gore ever done for peace?

On the contrary, he supported and supports the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he was Vice-President during the dismemberment of Yugoslavia.