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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Magyar Magic- Hernádi Judit

It's a public holiday in Hungary today- to commemorate the 1956 uprising.
So what a great excuse to post this wonderful You Tube video of Hungary's answer to Marlene Dietrich, Hernadi Judit, (the second most beautiful woman to ever come out of Hungary after the author of this piece) singing "Sohase mondd"

If she performed this on British television, no doubt we'd have riot police surrounding the building on account of her smoking....


JaamZIN said...

I also loved this song:)

Karl Naylor said...

Neil. I last left a comment on your Cif blog on the Munkaspart where you responded to my comment as 'Arthur King'. Are you going to write anything on Hungary for Cif soon ?

As for political correctness, I've just been banned from CiF for violating community values and the Talk policy.

Why because I wrote a blog on Dosteovsky and the politics of demonisation which finished with me trying to expound the psychopathology of those who would murder dancing slags who don't care about politics enough to change their lives and party on irrespective of dying Iraqi kids.

So what does the moderator go and do ? Tell me that such explorations of the darker side of human anger and psychosis must actually be what I'm thinking.

Bloody fools.

I've set up a blog of my own now called Ghoulash and Guardianistas dealing with Hungarian issues, the instrumentalisation of the 56 revolution to serve a neocon regime change program ( Gyorgy Konrad etc )and that lunatic Denis MacShane.

Nick said...

Fantastic! I think I may be in love.