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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Criminal Enterprise

A few days ago I posted about the campaign of criminal harassment that has been waged against me, ever since my critical review of a book by the neo-con hedge-fund trader cum blogger Oliver Kamm appeared in the Daily Telegraph in December 2005. The campaign has taken many shapes and forms, the favoured technique currently being for untrue and libellous comments about me to be posted on any websites my work appears on, or indeed on any site I leave comments on myself. Today, the malicious attacker struck again, posting the following comment on the New Statesman comments board after my article on NHS dentistry.

09 October 2007
See Neil Clark get banned from Wikipedia for fabricating his own entry (now deleted) and pretending to be a girl.

On my post of September 28th, I revealed that I had passed on all the various information regarding this case on to the legal department of my union, the NUJ, in pursuance of bringing charges of criminal harassment. Those responsible for this campaign really seem to have a deathwish. Let me reiterate this once more, and as clearly as I can, that I will not rest until those responsible for such a cowardly, malicious and criminal campaign of harassment are bought to justice.


grokster said...

I'm genuinely interested in your use of the word "criminal" here. What crime is actually being committed, other than robust mockery and piss-taking of a kind that most other people are quite happy to shrug (or laugh) off?

The Exile said...

I've got a theory about all this - lemme know what you think.

I don't think that this is a conspiracy, thta is, I don't see these chancers sitting down and having a meeting to decide who does what.

It think that it's more diffuse. One short-arsed little fucker, say, writes something, and that reminds all the webmongs that it's time to start bashing.

Last week Ollie Kamm decided to call me "a pimp" over an article that I had written some time earlier. He then ran off secure in the knowledge that his webmongs would proceed to carry on with the fantasy.

That's how it works. The question is why do they do it?

Neil, we won! Iraq is a defeat and the UK will be out of it next year. They tried to bring their collaborators over to the UK to save face - have you seen the news? This is not likely to happen.

They have to hit back some how - lacking balls they do it this way. Be pleased, Neil, you're on the winning team!

Anonymous said...

Their game is pretty clear Neil. It's to intimidate you into stopping writing. They think that eventually you'll get tired of checking all the websites your work appears on for malicious comments. But don't let the bastards get away with it! Get the IP numbers from the websites involved and then simply hand them over the police. It's as simple as that. They'll be able to trace the computer/computers they're being sent from, (it really looks like there's only one person involved form the wording and the style) and hey presto, the person will face a court summons, and, if similar cases are anything to go by, face a lengthy prison sentence. Courts are taking a tough line on cyber-stalking and criminal harassment, just think of what happened to the woman who persistently harassed 7/9 survivor Rachel North.

grokster said...

OK, now I'm seriously baffled. On the one hand, we have this post complaining about "criminal harassment" and suggesting that it's something that Neil takes so seriously that he's considering legal action.

But on the other, we have Neil's latest post in which he blatantly incites others to harass David T.

Care to explain the difference?

Neil Clark said...

"care to explain the difference",
yes, I'm very happy to Grokster.

There is a world of difference between a campaign, lasting almost two years now- of smear and false allegations made about someone- and then links to those smears and false allegations being sent to a person's employer- and posted on public websites wherever the person's work appears- and my post on David S. Toube (let's use his real name shall we).
I'm not calling for anyone to harass Toube, I have merely provided his email details so that those people, like myself, who have been slandered by him have the opportunity of telling him what they think of him, if they so wish. I'm not calling for people to write to his employer to try and get him sacked- which Toube's website Harry's Place did to me in August. (and they have done similar things to many other people too).Nor am I calling for pseudonymous comments to be posted on websites about David S. Toube.
Finally, I suggest you take a look at the old Oxford English and have a look at the verb to "harass".
"vex by repeated attacks; trouble worry.
"Repeated" is the key word. "Harass" is what Kamm, Stephen Pollard and David T, and their mysterious, pseudonymous allies have done to me. The aim has been to try to get me into trouble with my employers, to discredit me as a journalist and to try to prevent me from earning a living.

I hope that satisfactorily answers your question.