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Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!

This blog celebrates its 2nd birthday today. A very warm thank you to all its readers, particularly those who have been with us since the start: at 1.08pm on Wednesday 19th October 2005, when I posted this.

If you’ve enjoyed reading the blog, then I hope you will continue to do so in the future (and please tell your friends!). The site’s readership is now hitting 500 a day, and rising by the week.
500 hits a day is a great figure for a one-man band blog, and I'm grateful to everyone who drops by (well, almost everyone: 'I'll make an exception for 'I hope you die of bone marrow cancer' anonymous commenters). As regular readers will know this is a blog which prides itself on variety: if you just want a diet of heavy politics and anti-war comment this is not really the place for you, but if you want your heavy politics and anti-war comment laced with sport, You Tube music and comedy videos, appreciations of great actors and actresses, attacks on illiberal smoking bans, nostalgic articles about the 1940s and 1970s and paeans to Saki, Erich Fromm, Tony Benn and Jimmy Perry and David Croft, then you've come to exactly the right place.

If you enjoy this blog, then the man you should really thanks is the Times' ultra-friendly and supportive deputy comment editor Robbie Millen, who encouraged me to start blogging two years ago. When Robbie first asked me "Do you blog?", I was tempted to reply that my private life was my own concern: I really had no idea what blogging was, or how one went about it. "You really should start blogging" Robbie insisted, "you'd be quite good at it", so I took his advice and joined the blogosphere. So if you really hate this blog, you now know who to blame!

Here's to the next twenty-four months!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the landmark, Neil. I don't always agree with every line you take, particularly on smoking, but I'll say one thing: this blog is never boring.

Martin Meenagh said...

A very happy birthday to your blog! All the best, Martin

Mick Hall said...

Best regards on your blogs birthday I enjoy reading it.


Steven said...

Well done Neil. Keep irritating the hell out of that comedy duo Pollard and Kamm.

splinteredsunrise said...

Congrats, Neil. You always keep me coming back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil,

dan portsmouth said...

Happy anniversary Neil, and hope we will enjoy your company on this blog in the years to come.

I don't know if it was a good idea to start blogging, if I were you I would go for a website, not a blog.

what effect did blogging affected your career as a journalist?

Serb said...

Na mnogaya lyeta, Neil! Many more years!

Multiculturalism and culture-sharing at its finest and truthful approach to political issues that involves both ethics and sound logic.

Rare and invaluable.

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks everyone!
Dan- I hope to be setting up a website shortly, to run in conjunction with the blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogday Neil! Thank you for all your efforts to get the truth out there. Many more years!