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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Warmongers' Lie Machine: How it works

"In both Kosovo and Iraq, the government's war strategy seems to have been threefold: 1. In order to whip up public support for war, tell lies so outrageous that most people will believe that no one would have dared to make them up. 2. When the conflict is over, dismiss questions about the continued lack of evidence as 'irrelevant' and stress alternative 'benefits' from the military action, e.g., 'liberation' of the people. 3. Much later on, when the truth is finally revealed, rely on the fact that most people have lost interest and are now concentrating on the threat posed by the next new Hitler. "

The above is an extract from a piece I wrote for The Spectator in 2003, in which I noted the similarities between the campaign of lies which preceded the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia and the similar deceit which preceded the illegal invasion of Iraq.
Just remember the way the game works, next time you hear/read a neo-con/liberal imperialist mentioning the 'grave threat' posed by a 'nuclear armed' Iran, or indeed from any other country which the PNAC-ers deem to be in the way of their plan for global domination.

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