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Friday, July 06, 2007

The neo-con charade

Why, if radical islam really is the 'greatest threat to civilisation' facing mankind since er, the last greatest threat to civilisation- did the neo-cons lobby so hard for an attack on a secular, Middle Eastern state whose long-serving Deputy Prime Minister was a practising Christian?
Perhaps any neo-cons who occasionally visit this site could enlighten us.....


tynpfgt said...


Jim Bliss said...

Because of the WMD of course! Don't you remember? 45 minutes 'til armageddon and all that.

Hang on. Actually that wasn't it was it? Oh right, I recall now... it was because Saddam Hussein was worse than Hitler and regime-change was the only ethical option for the rest of the world to take.

No, wait a minute. I'm not sure that was it either...

Ummm... oh yeah! That's it! It was all about "bringing democracy to the Middle East" wasn't it?

Either that. Or it was about oil.