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Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to solve the Army's manpower crisis

"THE head of the British Army has warned in a leaked memo that the country has "almost no capacity to react to the unexpected" because of deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sir Richard Dannatt added that reinforcements to deal with emergencies were "now almost non-existent.
His analysis is the latest high-level warning that Britain's military is feeling the pinch. In a note to fellow defence leaders, he said that only around 500 troops were available to deal with, for example, a domestic terrorist attack or a deployment overseas at short notice. "

How can the British Army solve its manpower shortage? Well, how about sending some call-up papers to the names listed under the heading 'Organising Committee' here and to those who have signed up in support of this pro-war organisation.

Surely those so keen for Britain to continue with its 'interventionist' foreign policy, would be more than happy to do their bit for the cause...?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you want an attempt at another 'surge?' I thought you wanted to withdraw troops (quite a reasonable attitude actually), not send more? Oh, and conscription is clearly another 'left-wing' policy you have sympathy for! No doubt the Euston Manifesto group members are mostly too old for military training in any case. Are you so incapable of rhetoric which is logical and consistent?