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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Badge of Honour

I'm a very happy bunny today. I've been called "depraved" by a man who not only supported the illegal, murderous wars against Yugoslavia and Iraq, but who also boasts about seducing into bed neo-Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists.
Being labelled "depraved" by Johann Hari is rather like being called 'immoral' by Pol Pot: you would worry a damn sight more if either man had ever said something favourable about you.


andrew said...

One can forgive Hari somewhat for his actions and views in 2002 because he was heavily medicated and "numbed out" with powerful anti-depressent drugs. There is,however,no excuse for his nonsensical ravings now as he is off the medication!

Anonymous said...

Hari was recently named as Amnesty International Journalist of the Year... what have you ever done for human rights?

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

What have I ever done for human rights?
How about doing all I can to oppose illegal, murderous wars that have left hundreds of thousands of people dead?
Wars which the great 'humanitarian' Johann Hari supported.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... because Milsoveic didn't kill anyone, and wouldn't have killed anyone at all if he hadn't been stopped... and Amnesty International are always honouring murderers, aren't they?

There's a reason why hari wins Amnesty awards and writes for major newsdpaper, and you have no awards and write for the Racing Post. Stick to the horses, Neil.

Anonymous said...

...and defended tyrants like Putin and Lukashenko of Belarus. Oh, I almost forgot.

The full quote from Johann Hari is "depraved pro-Milosevic writer". Your hero, Tony Benn, considered Milosevic a "nationalist" rather than a socialist, I recall. But then Benn has always defended the Jenkins associated reforms in the 1960s, and often describes himself as a "liberal on most things", but then I digress.

andrew said...

Dear Anonymous ( and who can blame you for remaining so). Your little baby faced hero supported a NATO illegal and deliberate attack on fellow journalists(The war crime I am referring to of course is the bombing of the Serb State Television Station in 1999.). You aren't taking the same stuff as Hari was on are you?

Neil Clark said...


if you want to throw custard pies then by all means have the courage to do so under your real name!
Other than the fact that you're posting from Lambeth we really don't know too much about you!

ps Tony Benn is a hero, but that doesn't mean I agree with every single thing he has ever said or every position he has taken. And I do write for a few more newspapers and publication than your great hero. I don't mean that as a boast (I'll leave that sort of thing to Johann), merely a statement of fact!

Jessica said...

There's nothing wrong with writing about horse racing. People always get so personal on these blogs. Amnesty International can get it wrong on occasion too, I suppose. Good writing, Neil. I support your quest to open people's eyes to the neoconservative agenda and I thought I'd say so here.

- Jessica (porcelainvagina on CiF - not an attempt at being 'provocative', just a name I've been using for years and have since forgotten why)

Neil Clark said...

Thanks very much Jessica!