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Monday, July 30, 2007

Berezovsky: Who's Playing Whom?

"The four-times-married “original Russian billionaire” famously boasted in the 1990s about how he was part of a small coterie of so-called oligarchs who owned 50 per cent of Russia’s wealth. Despite this, the British people now happily accept that a man who became seriously rich in the turbulent, shadowy periods of recent Russian history has now been born again as a democracy-loving human rights campaigner, as he insists. When, further, it emerges that an attempt on his life has apparently been made we unquestioningly accept this as fact, as if real life in 2007 does in fact exactly mirror the plot of an Ian Fleming novel."

Stefanie Marsh has an excellent piece in today's Times on the way Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky has, through his enormous fortune, managed to engage in media 'spin' that Alistair Campbell would have been proud of.
But what Marsh fails to mention is the fact that Berezovsky himself is being 'played'.
Washington's neo-conservatives are using disgruntled oligarchs like Berezovsky as part of their strategy to demonise President Putin and provoke a new 'Cold War' with Russia. Colonisation of Russia and the acquisition of the country's enormous mineral wealth and other valuable assets has always been the 'end game' for the neo-cons- and siding with oligarchs like Berezovksy was the way the takeover could be achieved.
Berezovksy may well be pulling a few strings in Britain. But there are some very powerful people pulling his strings too.

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