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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Best letter of the week

Introducing a new weekly feature: the best letter of a week published by a UK newspaper.
This week I've chosen one from Dr Andrew Markham-Cooper, from Thursday's Guardian. It really says all there is to be said about the barrage of neo-con induced anti-Russian propaganda we have been subject to of late. If you see a letter you'd like to nominate please send it in!

The British foreign secretary says that the present Anglo-Russian crisis is not of his country's making (Cold war diplomacy is back as UK expels spies, July 17). But over the past few years the Blair government has provocatively granted refuge to high-profile anti-Putinists, including men wanted on charges of terrorism or other criminal activities under Russian law, and let them engage in activities hostile to Russia. Repeated requests by the Russian authorities for the extradition of Boris Berezovsky and Akhmed Zakayev (the representative of a terrorist who once boasted that he would forcibly establish sharia law in Chechnya) have been refused.Britain has also participated in the US policy of encirclement, which has built a ring of hostile states and pro-US regimes around Russia, while trying to subvert it through US-funded Moscow-based agencies and organisations. The siting of a "missile defence system" in Poland and the Czech Republic, directed at Russia, is just the latest example of this policy.
Added to this is the stream of anti-Russian lies in the British media, including the claim that Russia ruthlessly turned off gas supplies to Europe during its dispute with Ukraine. It was the US stooge Viktor Yushchenko who hijacked supplies intended for Europe when Russia rightly withheld deliveries to Ukraine until it received a fair market price for them.
Now, in a return to the antics of the cold war, Gordon Brown has expelled four Russian diplomats on no other grounds than that their country will not deliver up one of its citizens to the dubious mercies of British "justice".

Dr Andrew Markham-Cooper,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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