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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Puppet Speaks

Definition of having a bloody nerve: a right-wing German politician accusing others of being like Nazi Germany. How many countries has Iran invaded in the last hundred years Frau Merkel? Yesterday, we read that puppetry may soon be offered as a UK University course. It seems that the German Frump has already attended plenty of lectures in 'How to be The Perfect Puppet'.,,2089-2025730,00.html

1 comment:

Peter Nolan said...

Well let me see - Iraq in 1982, when Khomeini turned down the GCC-brokered peace deal and a 60bn settlement from the Saudis so they could "liberate Najaf and Karbala" or take 600,000 casualties trying to do so...

What do you teach? Maybe the Germans are right when they say that the British nothing about history apart from the Nazis.