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Thursday, February 23, 2006

He's better writing about movies.......

He's as good on theatre, cinema and the arts as he is bad on Iraq. I am referring to Mark Steyn-arch proponent of destablising the Middle East in the name of the war on terror. Memo to Mark: why don't you leave Iraq alone and concentrate on writing your brilliant articles on other subjects? Here is Steyn with a piece commemorating the centenary of one of my favourite actresses- the 'West Brom' rose Madeline Carroll, co-star with Robert Donat in the original- and best version of The 39 Steps.
While we're on the subject of Steyn- here's my favourite couple of lines of his: ' Saudi Arabia has 7,000 princes - at the time of writing; it may be up to 7,600 if you're reading this after lunch. Many of us have never met a Saudi who isn't a prince'.
And here's my favourite line about Steyn 'You've written a book on Broadway musicals and you're not gay or Jewish'? The man's a class act- (he is as entertaining in person as he is in print)- but why- oh why can't he do the decent thing and concede that he was totally wrong on Iraq?

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