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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Neo-Cons and Free Speech- what a joke!

Here's Oliver Kamm on 'the pressing issue of free speech and intolerance'

'Apologies for the lack of posts this week, and particularly for not covering yet the pressing issue of free speech and intolerance, on which my views are entirely in accord with Andrew Sullivan's. I'll come back to it next week. '

I've got first hand experience of what Kamm's commitment to 'free speech' means in reality. It means printing untrue and libellous statements about those who have the temerity to write a critical review of a book he has written- with the insidious purpose of adversly affecting the career of the book reviewer.
It's not enough for Kamm that his hard-line neo-conservative views are disproportionately represented in Britain's media.
He, like other neo-cons, wish to gag those of us who expose the flaws in their arguments and the deceit which lies behind their morally bankrupt, yet exceedingly dangerous, ideology.

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