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Thursday, February 16, 2006

He's back.........

It's good to see Stephen Pollard back blogging after moving house. Yep, I know he's a New Year's Eve hating, hard-core neo-conservative pro-war, anti-NHS fanatic-- but I'll say one thing for him- he does possess a sense of humour- something seriously lacking by certain other neo-conservative bloggers I could name. His post today on a typo I made- I typed 'sight' instead of 'site' is, I must admit, extremely funny. In fact there's another thing I'll say in Pollard's favour (I'm sure he's fainted now if he's reading this): his passion for National Hunt racing. Any man who regards the Cheltenham Festival in March as one of the highlights of the year cannot be completely evil. He also looks to have a decent hurdling prospect on his hands in the shape of Major Miller.
And a third, final point in Pollard's favour. Peter Shore. Shore is one of my all time political heroes- a man honest enough to admit that you can't talk of greater equality without also extending public ownership. I corresponded with Shore when I was working abroad, teaching Economics in the early-mid 1990s- he sent me copies of the debates on the Maastricht Treaty from Hansard and then, most kindly, a copy of his book 'Leading the Left'. I was not a constituent of Shore's- yet still he replied to my requests- and could not have been more helpful. And at the time I was corresponding with him, Shore's Research Assistant was a certain Stephen Pollard. Any man who has a sense of humour, likes horse-racing and once worked for Peter Shore must have something going for him.
ps don't worry Stephen, I'll resume normal hostilities tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

*bass intro*
Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound...

Must be the day that's in it.


Neil Clark said...

Sorry to disappoint you Paul- but I've never been in the Lib Dems.