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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Bully Boys Get Their Way...... Again

Iran is going to be reported to the UN Security Council for the heinous crime of wanting to develop nuclear energy. Once again the bully-boys of the international stage- the US and Britain seem to have got their way. But if they are foolish enough to push Iran to the brink- or to allow Israel to launch illegal airstrikes on Iranian nuclear sites- the consequences will be catastrophic. I asked an American this week when he thought US/UK militarism would come to an end. He said the American people would only start their torchlight procession towards the White House if the US Government brought back the draft. It will probably be the same here. It's very easy to cheer on wars of aggression from the sidelines, when you know its only the urban working class- who are going to get killed. But when the call-up papers land through your letter-box, or through the letter-box of your middle class children- then you might just start to question the foreign policy your country is currently adopting.

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