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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaked CIA memo exposes US terror suspect torture as 'war crimes'

RT reports: The US is refraining from defining waterboarding and other questionable interrogation methods it used to apply to terrorist suspects as torture, possibly with a view to using them once again someday.

Years after the Bush administration left office, many feel President Obama is not doing enough to make up for America's past mistakes. This includes torture treatment of terrorist suspects by the US investigators. 

Such torture techniques include waterboarding, stress positions and other methods of interrogation welcomed into American secret service after 9/11 paved the way for the War on Terror.

Above you can watch an interview with me on the elite ‘stitch-up‘ over the crimes of previous administrations,  which goes on in both the US and the UK. More on this  story here.


Douglas said...

I found this column by former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen to be the most direct argument in support of waterboarding of captured terrorists.

brian said...

a little off topc but FYI:

AP's Poor Reporting On Syria
Which news agency is doing the better in reporting from Syria? Which one is most near to the action? Which one has better sources? Here is an answer.

The Associated Press reports from Beirut, Lebanon: UN Monitors Flee Syrian Protest After Gunfire

Syrian security forces opened fire Wednesday on anti-regime demonstrators surrounding the cars of a U.N. team meant to monitor a shaky cease-fire, sending the observers speeding off and protesters dashing for cover, according to activists and amateur videos.

Xinhua reports from Damascus, Syria: Head of UN observers denies coming under fire in Damascus' suburb

Head of the UN advance observer team to Syria denied that his team came under fire in one of the hotspot suburbs of Syria's capital Damascus on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters after finishing a tour in the Damascus suburb of Arbeen, Moroccan Col. Ahmed Himmiche said that his team didn't come under fire there, ...

So while Xinhua has reporters and photographers on the ground in Syria, AP's reporter used Skype to talk to some activists allegedly in Syrian and, sitting in his Beirut office, watched some Youtube clips. Obviously the AP reporting here is inadequate and thereby unreliable. One should keep that in mind when reading other AP stories.

brian said...

off topic but FYI

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